Monday, December 28, 2009

Bloody fucking hell man!

I really and genuinely wanted to chill out. I had a great time at Bali. From Dec 21 to 26, time flew past me. The sun shone. I went to temples where, in an almost idyllic walking-in-the-clouds type moment, we prayed and there was a little drizzle. We ate at a beachside cafe, where some Balinese boy recommended himself to me! We watched the Lagong. We haggled and I realised that I am a bloody bajaari (for international audiences, this word means a person who has her roots in a bazaar :P as in, you can talk shit with the best of them!). We watched a wedding procession go by. I wore sun dresses and clothes I would never wear in India. I just let my mind drift away and I can safely say that I've successfully visited another country. Now, left on my never ending travel list is Europe, the Americas, Australia, China, New Zealand and loads more in India itself!

Anyway, this post is to basically grip about the fact that I came down with fucking Chicken Pox on Friday, December 25! I had a mild fever that escalated amd as of Sunday morning I had boils. Monday morning I went to see a doc and he told me it was CP and now I'm on medication...

I feel like someone's cursed me. I also need to lose 10kgs apparently. FUCK!

So, this is my whiny post of the day. More later.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Before I go

The great thing about going for a holiday is that you feel like you are in a time warp. Some kind of strange moment where you get catapulted into a place and time that seem so far from reality that you can't help but feel disoriented when you come back!

I can't wait for my Bali trip. I'm leaving for Singapore tonight and I'm back a week later. I'm going to take loads of photos and really work on having a good time. With the year I've had, I think I need it. 2009 as a year sucked for the most part. Good things happened, but I can't they that they kept happening through the year. Success at work is transient and will come and go until your appraisals. Outside office, where the real world and you are in constant touch with each other is where the true gauge of things are.

Judging by that, I've had a nasty ass year! One after the other, the blows just kept coming, so now I'm going to attempt to deal with what's happened and get on with it before my brain noodle straightens out and starts leaking through my ears!

This is to great holidays, good times and life. As much as I whine about it, I love living it. Sometimes I question why, but I never contemplate an ending to it...


Saturday, December 19, 2009

First post

My third blog. My attempt at penning thoughts down. As of now, I just want to get things started. After I'm back from my holiday, I'll blog in earnest.

Sh AKA Shruthi AKA Chinku :)