Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gossip Girls

Women gossip. That is the general assessment and judgement that most people make about my kind, and I agree. But men gossip too. The ones I know, most certainly do that much is for sure. Getting to the point of this post. I'd planned lunch with my colleague Krupa today. I'll have to take you back a couple of days as to why. Friday night after work, the girls in office and I had planned a night out. I'd also planned to meet my friends from school at another place. (Aside: I tend to double book a LOT!) I'd planned to get out of Blend (where I met my school friends) early and catch the office gang at Zara's after. Didn't happen. So, to offer my apologies I told K about lunch.

We met at around 1.15. Ordered the veg combo, which works out to around Rs275. Frankly, for a place that prices its food at Rs175 and above, this is a fucking steal! A starter, main course, dessert and a glass of wine/red bull/sangria/mocktail for Rs275 is INSANE! So K and I met, and the gossip session began in earnest.

Krupa and me know each other from Madras University. She was my junior there. I was doing my masters in Engligh Lit and she in Sociology. The only reason we ever knew each other was because we were one of maybe 15 people who spoke in English there. At uni, this was an accomplishment. This was in 2006/07. 2008 Oct, I joined The Times of India at the supplements desk. K was already an employee. We hit it off really well and I'm glad things are the way they are. In an office where things can get messy and politic-y, it is important to know that someone will be there. Specifically as a support system and someone you can go to to vent.

After lunch we headed to Madras Terrace House to look around, buy things we won't wear in normal contexts and eat cup cakes! I lurve cup cakes. From lunch and at MTH K and I talked about a million things. Things that were bothering us at work. Things that bothered us at home. A movie we watched. A song we like. But the best part of the conversation was that we talked in all honesty. I was open with her about what I thought. She told me what she was thinking. At the end of it, I felt lighter and much much better!

This conversation we had began on Monday night. It paused there. I'm glad we took the time to finish it. I've also realised that women talk a lot, but it is not gossip. We discuss things, we analyse things and we try to sort things out. We don't gossip and pass along information about people who are not relevant to us. We talk. It is our way of dealing with things. Yes, it may not be sport OR beer, but its better.

I want to dedicate this post to gossip. To talking. To women I talk to. To women who can talk to me.


P.S: My word of the day - ungettable

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