Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In the name of the new year

Oh well. Putting down important life lessons in a new year is just how life goes right? The year is just 5 days old, so I'm thinking that this is not a bad thing to do :). So here goes...

  1. I've stopped caring. Seriously. If you have a tree branch stuck up your ass and are trying to pass on that bitterness on to other people who don't have a pain in their rears then that is solely and entirely your problem. I don't give a damn and I'm not going to let you take over my peaceful life.
  2. Family is not everything. It is most things, not everything. Lets face it ok, at home everyone has an agenda. They won't ever tell you what it is, but they have one and the sooner you realise it the better off you are.
  3. No such thing as unconditional. If you come from a typical, middle-class family then the parents expect you to live up to some kind of utopian, she-will-uphold-the-family-honour type thing. You don't have the freedom to wear clothes you want to/feel like wearing because someone at home has a problem with it. All this is done with the concern that something might happen. I'm a woman, and I could dress in rags and something still will happen if it has to. How I dress/behave is the last motivator for a pervert.
  4. I'm one of those people who gets carried away really really easily. If I find a good thing, then I cling to its goodness and pretend that nothing is wrong. When I discover the cracks is when I start freaking out. I have to attribute this to my mental OCD. I cannot deal with disorder or chaos.
  5. Environmental evangelism is truly stupid. OK, so the world we live in is damaged. You want us to use less plastic and more paper. More paper usage means more trees go down. More trees going down totally defeats your purpose of saving the world, so what are you going to do about that? Stop using the computer too. I mean, it is made mostly of plastic, it consumes electricity, so how are you going to counter that? I'm sure there is a viable answer somewhere is all the long speeches and manifestos of the eco-friendly, earth-saver race, I beseech them to find it and present it to me. I'm not convinced!
  6. God is not what your ancestors tell you he/she is. God is what you want to make of him/her. Personifying the Divine only gives it a mortal dimension so that we can understand and attempt to begin our quest for the higher. The people who re treated as incarnations ought not to be taken as seriously as we do at present. Just look at all the dissent it's creating.
  7. Experience is something that you need to seek out. It won't come your way. It won't happen if you whine about not having a life and not being able to do anything and not having the time. If you can then you should. Sleep and other assorted rest forms can come later.
  8. Love is overrated. I can't fathom the thought of loving to the point of exclusion. This vampire in Twilight does that. I can't deal with that nonsense. It bothers me. I find the idea restrictive. I mean what happens to your freedom? What happens to you if all you do is place this person at the centre of your universe? Is this overwhelming feeling you have reciprocated? If it is, then how the fuck can you people bullshit about your perfect soulmate being cool enough to give you your own space? I mean, everything you do is taken over by youe "significant other", then how do you have your own space?
  9. As time goes by, I've become more and more rigid with what I like, don't like, hate, etc. This rigidity will only get worse with time I imagine.
  10. Friendship is a hell of a lot more than it is made out to be. Those of you who value love, should try out friendship. It's one of those things that is actually tailor-made to suit your needs. Try it out. It won't disappoint.

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