Sunday, January 3, 2010

A rant to mark lack of occupation

I'm still in Singapore. It's 11.55pm as I'm typing this. All I've been doing while here is kill time. I mean it. I read. I watch crummy Malayalam masala movies. I watch TV. I do word search puzzles. I sleep. I eat. I dislike this stupid Chicken Pox man. I mean, whatthefuck! I'm not supposed to bad mouth it apparently. It's a superstition thing. This velaiyaatu amman (OR playful goddess) is supposedly playing the fool with you(r innards), when you have chicken pox. So, when you get it, just shut the fuck up and itch because if you curse or stare in a mirror, it'll bit back! Sigh. I think I've kept the peace for the most part. I'm tired of looking spotty with really stringy/bad hair. I want to bathe in soap and I want to shampoo my hair.

I'm going to the doc tomorrow to see what he says, and if he says nice things, I'm going to go and buy pretty, red shoes and be happy. :)

The end.


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