Sunday, January 17, 2010


This week, I will try to put down things I really want to say. Without living in fear that someone I know will read it and will judge me to be a moral reprobate. The fact is that, by Indian middle-class standards atleast, I am some level of moral reprobate. However, that doesn't mean I take that stupid judgement too seriously. I mean, the people who are handing it out are people who probably have moral reprobates for children and can't stand that fact that I'm having my fun and have a great relationship with my family!

This is what happened on Saturday night. Judging by the turn of events, I'd have been better off making eyes at Tamang at Blend! The booze would have been good and alcohol is known for its properties of curing bad moods!

My best friend, Seema, and I planned to go for a late night movie. Pooja, our other friend, was supposed to come along, but she was too ill from our Friday night exploits so she opted out of the plan. So Seema and I went to watch Pyaar Impossible, a Yash Raj glossy "entertainer" about the geek who fell in love with the beauty in college and has been obsessing over her for 7 years. The beauty is now a divorced single mother who dresses to office in jumpers and itty-bitty blouses and skirts and has perfect hair and makeup and nails. Halfway through I couldn't deal with it, so Seema and I left! I know its a waste of about Rs200, but you know what? Its ok, I think I can afford it! I'm not going to sit and watch a movie that would make me feel violated on some level. I felt like I lost some basic fundamental right after walking out of the theatre during intermission. I can't imagine what it was, but I did, I think...

The worst part of the evening was this series of emo smses I got from my mother. Apparently because I chose to go for the 10pm show, my father was yelling at her. She thanked me for my part in that particular discussion with her husband. Then she apologises to me about getting dramatic and so on...

7pm of the same night
My mother, her sister and I were at The Taj Connemara for a meeting of the Madras Book Club. It was a discussion on Rajmohan Gandhi's book A Tale of Two Revolts. We bought copies and got them signed too and then we left. On our way back home I told the ladies that I wanted to get dropped halfway because I was going for a movie. My evening went from bad to worse then! My mother and aunt were like, "You were so late last night. You're going out tonight also. I don't see why you have to spend so much time going out over the weekends. Once, twice, maybe even thrice a month is fine, but not every weekend."

I was not sure if I was in shock or if I was just plain flabbergasted! I mean these are two women who are principals of city schools and who are also fairly broad-minded, but for some vagueaandi reason behave like they have the moral codes of tiny towners! Apparently, my weekend behaviour is going to have consequences that I am going to have to deal with. Let's see, in a country like mine, such morally inappropriate behaviour could have only one consequence, my parents will not be in a position to find me "a suitable boy" (Ack: Vikram Seth). I mean, do you even know what will happen if the man who will be my husband finds out that his may be future wife is a girl who goes out for a few drinks with her girlfriends, watches 10pm movie shows, attends office parties and has been in more than one relationship? He'll divorce me and what will happen then? My standing as a girl from a respectable family will go and I will no longer be socially acceptable. WHAT THE FUCK!

It is this kind of sheer idiocy that pisses me off. This kind of sheer nonsense that bothers me. This kind of anticipated non-acceptance that makes me want to url at every guy who comes home in the hope of finding a wife. Makes me think that I'm better off in a galaxy far far away! (ack: Star Wars). Nonsensical nonsense. Whoever invented middle-class morality is going to be exhumed from his/her grave and re-killed.


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  1. Arre Madam, This is the story in every house hold, I guess my sis will definitely agree with what you have written here...

    Per ek cheese bathaao, Maybe "parents" in general are just plain worried...maybe its just that they care and their paranoia may have nothing to do with morality in general

    Pata nahi, Guess things were diffferent when "they" were 25...

    Then again I am no expert :)