Sunday, January 24, 2010

A wedding. A bad day. The journo life!

It's Saturday. No normal 5-day working human being will want to step out. However, if I called myself normal, I wouldn't be writing this post.

My job involves a lot of frou-frou style writing. Whether it is a profile of a person or of an organisation, the kind of writing done by me desk leans a little toward what we call fluff. It is by no means yellow, but it most certainly is not serious, world-altering journalism for sure. Case in point. Today, January 23, I was asked to cover a wedding to feature in our wedding special pullout. This wedding featured a French couple who have come to live in Chennai for some time on work. Christophe and Florence. The wedding was held at the Santhome Basilica, one of the most beautiful churches I have seen EVER. [That's the church and I took the picture - Sony Ericsson K790i - awesome right? I know!]

So this wedding is a cross between the solemn Catholic mass and an Indian tadka! The bride had mehendi on her hands as did the rest of the women in the wedding party. The groom wore a dhoti and kurta as did the groomsmen. The groom gave the bride a thali (for the benefit of my international audience - a thali is the Indian equivalent of a weding ring. A gold chain with a pendant to symbolise your faith/region of origin, tying a thali [tying the knot?!] around a woman's neck signifies the solemnisation of the wedding ceremony). In the middle of the ceremony, which was entirely in French (they had a priest come down from Pondicherry - a past French colony), only God knows how many people walked in and out of the church. This was by no means a quiet wedding! Apart from not understanding what the hell the priest man was saying was the added difficulty of having to wait for my photographer to show up. Who waltzed in 35 mins late and took a few hasty photos. Suffice to say, Radhika and I were mad.

After that, Radhika and I decided to drop in to the nearest mall and drink some chai to figure out how to cover the reception. Radhika and I decided to skip the reception and ensure our copy doesn't let that fact on. A couple of hours after that decision was made, photo man calls all indignant and mad saying he was at the reception and it was mighty indecent of us not to have told him we weren't going. Rad and I are pissed cuz he's losing his temper while on the job. Now, I'm not sure if I want to wring his neck or pretend that PMS could happen to anyone!

After most of this chaos was done, I dashed across the city to meet Apeksha, a classmate from school with whom I also share my birthday. Apu left for Australia today and we wanted to see her before she left, more specifically because her baby is a doll. One of the happiest 11-month-olds I know, Gunveer is by far the best baby I've met! I hope to see Apu soon. It was nice meeting her after 8 years. Celebrating our birthdays (that is a whole different post!) together after 8 years... sometimes I think I'm young, but when I look back and how much has happened in the last few years I don't know if the word young has any meaning or if it is an adjective we use purely for self-gratification!



  1. "tying the knot around a woman's neck signifies the solemnisation of the wedding ceremony"
    It also signifies the enslavement of women in the name chastity!

    Sorry I spoiled the sense of the post by this comment. I just had to say that :)

  2. As a guy, you should seriously stop having an opinion on shit that is not relevant to you!