Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday night

Saturday, February 6, 10.45am. I have a tiny hangover. I drank rum after a long time. I went to Zara's after a long time. I had fun with a group of people after a long time. Until yesterday, all my nights out have been with my tiny clique of 3! Just Pooja, Seema and me (I rhymed that purposely. fuckall choothaandi tactics). Last night, after work, a few of us from office just headed out drank nice things, danced while sitting cross-legged on the seats, hugged a lot, took some hazy, in-the-dark photos, confessed to having a big crush on the new girl in the team, ate really spicy egg curry and dosa after. hugged summore and went home!

heh. Just a post-event coverage ya!


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