Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hurling abuse

Someone has to tell me why men are so fucking annoying. SOMEONEJUSTHASTO! I get it that you are a different part of the species. I get that, I do. But why the fuck did god decided to make you as a collective of jackasses? WHY? You're idiots. You're more women that most women I know. In fact, PMS is a syndrome you invented just so we'll understand why you fucks get all anal.

There is someone I know, have for the last 5 years actually. He's turned out into the mother (not father because mother's are a little more awe-inspiring) suck-up-spineless-chooths I have seen in my life. To the point where, if his chaluness will make me and the rest of the team look like a bunch of inefficient dumbasses then he'll do it.


I hate hate hate people like that. You have a point, make it. You have something to say, say it. Don't hide behind your stupid computer monitor playing FIFA '08/'09 whatever and then pretend to be part of a discussion you've started just so you can be part of a conversation. Don't sneak into the boss' cabin to say something that involves the entire team when you can send out a group email. Sneaky ass kissers should drop dead. I hate them.

Most sneaky ass kissers I've known have been men. I hate sneaky ass kissers. I hate men.


  1. If this blog were to be censored then there would be eight censored words (or nine depending on what 'chooths' means)....

    Anyways...not all men are &*^%#$#%*^(&^%$ ... dont hate the tree just because of one bad fruit...

    some free advice: expose the guy's a**kissing antics and chalupanti...guys simply hate that...and probably you'll feel better..