Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tings I want to say

I've been thinking. I don't talk much about everything. I mean, all I can do is just rant and use my vocabulary and whatnot to make a point. But I don't talk. Half the stuff I blog here is a little insignificant. My insights are not detailed by the experience behind them. It's a little unfair I think. I think in that sense I am a little Indian and a little prudish. The thought of dishing cyberspace with my nefarious, behind-the-cupboard activities makes me a tad bit uncomfortable. Especially because I'm terrfied people I know are going to read it. I do not want the look of knowledge in the eyes of people I know. I sure as hell do not want people thinking that my sexuality and my awareness of it and my satiation of my needs is any shitting excuse to come and touch me!

There are things about me that I'm happier knowing exclusively. I do not want half the world privy to information about me. I know that this attitude is completely contradictory to the fact that I am a journalist and that my job is to serve it to the world straight but people will just have to deal with it right?

Think I just wanted to get it off of my chest. I'm reserving a post here for man-bashing. But that is for the weekend. When I have the time to type more.


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