Friday, March 26, 2010


I want an answer to this - why is it that something you really really want is always out of reach when you really really want it?

That being said I'm not going to dwell on that question any longer. I'm going to ramble on about things that make no sense to me. As always, nothing makes sense to me. I've discovered something, when I don't like a person, I'm pretty obvious about it. I don't talk, make faces and am generally rude. Well, being rude is like second nature to me actually, one of my most outstanding behavioural tendencies is rudeness. I cannot bring myself to fake a liking I don't have, especially, and I mean ESPECIALLY, if I have nothing to gain or lose from their acquaintance. That makes me a bitch right? I don't care!

I've tried so many times to just chill and let it be, but I've realised that if I'm uncomfortable being me, then what's the point?



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