Friday, March 19, 2010

Being weird Pt 2

I gots plenty things to tell about my's! Plenty things! The second of my distinguishing traits is lefthandedness. You know in Medras they call it pichaankai (I REFUSE to elaborate that!) or to be less crude lottaikai.

Why is it odd to be a leftie you think. Dude, it is. Because you can't light the lam p for pooja with left hand, because God will get upset - uh, God made me leftie, s/he has lost the right, therefore, to be offended. Yeah, we're luckier and "creativer" and so on, but we're still unusual. Oddly enough, there were always more than two left-handers in my class in school and in college and my PG Diploma and my MA. Not sure why. But this is what I remember the most about being left-handed, the question - ey, you're left had aa?

Macha, you're either blind or you have spatial orientation issues in life. If I'm writing notes with my left hand, can only mean one thing, I'm left-handed. Why ask? Why is it so unusual to question something as silly as which hand you write with?

It's not a big deal or anything, but I find you right-handers weird too! So there!

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  1. I always thought and still do that being left-handed is a gift! S apparently wanted to be left-handed and would deliberately use his left there!