Friday, March 12, 2010

Body piercing

You know, I was 18 when in the throes of the heights of teenage angst and rebellion I chose to get my nose pierced on a college trip to Goa. We were roaming the scarily empty strrets of tourist Goa when we found a place that offered to pierce our noses. My friend Seema (well, best friend actually) and I walked in and asked what to do so he sold us gold wire for some Rs100 and we walked across the road and told the jeweller, who for the record looked shady as whatnot. He sharpened the wire and the next few seconds I honestly don't want to re-live! Next thing I know, I had a wire going through my left nostril and I was in pain. A few weeks (or months? not sure) later my nose was infected and I had to cut the wire off. End of rebellion. My mother thought I was nuts. My dad had nothing to say as usual. My brother thought I looked like the help!

That was 2003, fast forward to 2010, I'm a journalist now, have some semblance of intelligence and common sense. Suddenly last week, the new girl in the team suggested that we go get our noses pierced. My boss, ever the enthu cutlet for such schemes said lets. Me, I was like I got my nose pierced seven years ago, why not now? So, I agreed. I said, make the plan, fix a time and I'll be there! :-D So, after much procrastinating, my boss suddenly walks out of her cabin this afternoon and says, who wants to get their nose pierced, let's go to GRT. After much conniving to convince the unconvinced, Shivani, AK (the boss) and I went to GRT jewellers.

@ GRT - Teensy back story. Ak, my boss, called the PR person for this jeweller. Don't ask why, I guess she thought we'd get preferential treatment! So, turns out that the person who could have helped us was at the other branch, so we just skipped that route and told the staffers here we needed to get our noses pierced.

Helpful old man took us through the whole routine. First stop, the nose stud/ring section - 3rd floor. There, for another vague reason, the three of us got identical red-stone nose studs. Second stop - token counter to pay Rs20 each to get our noses pierced. Third stop - the achaari.

The achaari with whom AK was busily building a rapport with, went for lunch. Which left us with this tough-looking guy who I was a little scared of. By the time we decided to elbow our way into the queue, the three of us were having the jitters and whatnot. So, AK goes first. I told her on the way to the jeweller that she would be, she was spending way too much time freaking out and way too much time analysing, so I said, you go first boss, we will follow. Shivani went next and then me. My nose is still hurting. My mother thinks I look like the help, my brother says it looks nice, my dad didn't react.

As for me and my colleagues - love love love it! I think it looks awesome and I finally like my nose! :P

Here's a picture :D


  1. Cute!! I got mine done at 16. And YES!! It hurt like crazy, but I have always felt that it was worth all the pain

    By the way, it's becoming a trend among guys also now or what? My brother in the US got his left nostril done with a small diamond pin- so much against mom's and my wishes :(