Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buplic transport

Well, I like travelling by public transport. Except that the buses I have to take are super crowded. Not specifically ONLY the buses I travel on. The routes I take are incidentally overcrowded! So, to make a point, I like travelling by public transport, at one point in time my favourite used to be buses, but then I discovered trains while doing my masters at Mad Uni. But Saturday afternoon, after around 3 years, I was back at Anna Square bus stop, at a familiar time of day waiting for 25G, my nemesis! It's an idiot bus. It goes from Anna Square (which is opposite Uni) all the way to Poonamallee, which is at the other end of town!!!This is a scene from the "modern" 25G. The bus has automatic doors and automatic ticket machine and all that jazz . Good fun to travel on considering that I spend 1/10th of the amount I would if I were to go by auto.

And this is one of many views from the bus. Yes, I love looking out of windows!

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