Saturday, March 6, 2010


  • I really enjoy singing. I find that the joy you get after singing your favourits song well. No tuneless nonsense, but a good 'rendition' (sorry, I just couldn't resist!!!). It's not something I'm very public about, but I like singing and I have a good voice, yeah I do!
  • I adore temper tantrums. I do.
  • I don't ever lose my cool, when I do, it takes forever for me to calm down. Not that I'm a danger to anyone's national security, but I dislike being in an unpleasant state of mind.
  • High heels make me drool. I'm tall-ish, but hell, high heels are a whole different level of sexy when you're tall ;)
  • Writing is what I should be doing full-time, and I am. I can't believe that I'm writing stories and that people are reading my by-lines in the paper. It's surreal and cool all at once. I like!
  • I'm fast becoming a the-world-can-go-to-hell type. I was never that person, but something's changed.
  • When I have nothing to do in office, I go a little insane. I cannot imagine twiddling my thumbs at work. It bothers me. At home, nothing is a stae of mind and being.
I'm a lazy ass. Proof of this lies in the fact that I'm too lazy to post in sentences and thoughts in a more personal, paragraphy format...


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