Friday, March 12, 2010

Live from the newsroom

On a Friday evening, I'm at my most frazzled. However, today is a relatively free day. Why? Because the supplement I'm handling this month goes to print on alternate Wednesdays. Which leaves Friday free for me. But then, I'm the kind of lunatic that goes staring mad if I'm sitting in the middle of a lot of drama with nothing to do! So, I offered to proofread pages of the neighbourhoods. So here I am, in the thick of page-making. Education Times - 4 pages, Ok'd! Times of Purasai - 4 pages, ok'd! In waiting for Times of Anna Nagar and Times of Tambaram.

Why am I giving work updates? I have no idea. Just felt like it. The thing is, my desk does not feel like something from a newspaper office. We sit in the basement of our building. The main paper sits on the second floor. Far, far away. We can't even ask them for help because they don't know who we are and vice versa. 'Tis sad really. It would have been nice to have a nice information-sharing work relationship. But then, who gives a damn, come appraisal time and everything is pretty much individualistic no?

Bleh. Blogging from work is not half as cool as blogging from home.

I'm going to Blend, my hangout, tonight. I hope to get good and buzzed. Not drinking and puking tonight. I'm going to behave myself.


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