Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post-event and ranting

God but the summer and humidity is catching up with this city. I'm going insane. 3 months of no sun, cool breezes and clear skin and all of that is shot to piece thanks to what could possibly be the longest summer in the history of the universe. The end!

Now, moving on. Narratives of my life that form part of the basic fabric of this blog. If you were in Chennai on Sunday and weren't at go:Madras, then I'm sorry for your troubles in life but you missed something. Really sorry. I'm not into electronic music per se, but Sunday was (for the lack of a better word) electric! It was. My friends and I reached there at 4, in time to watch Kini play. Kini was just plain awesome alright. The way she fused some Indian elements to the music and managed to get people dancing at 4 in the roasting evening is beyond me, but she did and that my friends is awesome.

That's that, now to the end of this post, I'm broke and have to manage living the rest of this month on Rs2,000. I'm shifting professions to begging - that way, I'll get a daily wage!


P.S: Women's Day - is nonsense. Nothing happened yesterday that made me feel special or better about being a woman. I get that feeling every single time I talk to a man, the male half the the human species can be remarkably idiotic! Yeah, I'm a man hater, you bums haven't given me one single reason to love you. You're not nice. You don't believe in bathing and smelling good. You don't shop for clothes. You don't like shoes. You don't believe in the power of chocolate. You're nicer to other people at the cost of being nice to me. So there, happy women's day to you!

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