Sunday, April 18, 2010

Amma and some other things also

I haven't written in along time. Not sure why. I could say I was busy, but that is the fuckallest excuse there is in any book. I guess I just didn't have much to say, to anyone or anything for that matter. I'm so bored with things right now that I need a break! I'm tired of this routine to a great extent. Yeah, there's a comment that will get my work place all riled. Sorry, I don't give a shit about that stuff anymore, for as long as I'm in office, clocking time, it means something and makes a difference. However, if I'm going to let the rest of my time get occupied with those few hours, then I'm a dimwit! It's there, but its not everything. There are actually bigger concerns for me at this point in time that I need to think about.

The first being, my mother. She went for a scan last week and the doctor said she needs to get a biopsy done because her uterine lining's thickened. My mother, in her usual over-dramatic shit, is overreacting. I understand that a biopsy is a big word, but it has to be dealt with. The scan results are out and something needs to be done about it. Money needs to be spent. Doctors need to be consulted. Treatments have to be given if it comes down to it. It's a fact and I'd rather have a bit of a sensible patient than someone who's getting a bad case of the jitters. Yeah, my attitude needs an adjustment because its not me dealing with a biopsy, but if my mother is going to fall apart over this then how the hell am I supposed to hold her together?

I'm scared as hell. I'm not sure what the POA is. Sigh.

The next thing, a tad more insignificant, is getting married. My entire family is offended for some reason that they haven't been able to groom hunt successfully enough to find me the man of my dreams and get me married by the time I turned 21. Here I am, halfway to 26 and single. No boyfriend, no fiance. It's a tragic thing too! I mean, what if, in the course of my many drunken and sober misadventures some person who might be potentially interested in marrying me were to see me? I'd never have a future. You never know how word goes around about a young woman's character when she indulges in such behaviour. You never know. I have no idea how to react to that shit. At one point, my ex was most worried that my chances of becoming a mother would be seriously hampered by what he called my drinking habit. He made it sound like I could give Lindsay Lohan a run for her money. So far, I have got pasted beyond belief on November 20, 2009, my 25th birthday. That night, only God knows how much Vodka & Tequila was in my system. Only God knows. The worst part? I remember everything! :|


  1. Have you posted anything ever as a dedication to your mom? just curious

  2. When I want to get sentimental about my mother and how fabulous she is, I hand write a note to her. It also entails buying books, buying sheets of gift-wrapping paper... Since you did mention it, I just might write something as a dedication!