Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trouble with thinking is

that it occupies way too much of your time. So I'm going to be a lazy ass and make a list!
  • I love leggings. I never wanted to wear them initially because they reminded me of how I used to look when I was 10.
  • A really nicely done sunny-side-up egg is about the most perfect comfort food there is. I know that some chocolate nut thinks I need a shrink because of chocolate and the orgasms that come with it, but seriously, are you telling me that a sunny-side-up egg doesn't do it for you?
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin is just plain awesome. When I was 15 and taking life lessons from him about how to be bad-ass and cool and learning to deliver punch dialogues with elan, I also imbibed a very important message that a genius scriptwriter wrote for him - DTA (Don't Trust Anybody). I should have taken it more seriously.
  • Women love to hate each other. It's our mojo. It's who we are. We also love to love each other. To top this off, we are also each other's nemesis and worst nightmares. The thing is, men don't bother/affect us as viscerally as we do each other. So boys, please, get over yourselves if you think that God put you here to do me a favour.
  • There was a time when self-validation via a certain someone was a necessity. I thought that he had to approve everything about me in order for me to accept myself. This is a complex and twisted state of being for any woman, it takes so much time to get over, but getting over it is a must. These days, my only validation comes from myself. I like that this agent of confidence and stability is no longer a man
  • Someone told me that man-bashing was not attractive a trait. I can't help it man(!) I have a younger brother who's mad. My dad's a prize. My uncle is yet another unique museum piece. What can I say? I'm surrounded by items and pieces that do not help me in my generalisations in the least bit.
  • I've given up on my Disney-fuelled happily ever after fantasy.
  • It was after a long, long time on Thursday that I had a conversation with someone that had no vested interest in it. It was fun, despite the humidity.
  • As a continuation to that - Errol Flynn as Robin of Loxley rocks. I love him in The Adventures of Robin Hood. He was awesome and I'm eternally grateful for TCM.
And that is the end of tonight's programme. Stay tuned for more from me...

Monday, May 10, 2010

To whomsoever it may concern

The trouble with the truth is, it has an annoying habit of taking everyone along on this wonderful joyride of hurt, pain and tension before settling down and telling its tale. Until then, people are going to have to wait and watch. The only thing to do then is to stand your ground. As long as you know the truth why worry, non? That's what I think at least, thought, until I read someone (read ex-boyfriend) post some crap about him being a saint against my devilness. Pissed me off. I decided then that I'm glad he is not in my life. I mean, nothing and nobody is perfect, but dude, did you actually think you'd call me an asshole to ensure that the sympathy votes are with you all the fucking time?
Seriously?! The first thing you do is run around telling spouting a pre-prepared list of stuff you hate about me and then have the balls to tell me that you'd made me list out stuff I hate about you so it wouldn't be like you found fault. Anywho, I'm glad you are no longer in my life. God knows, I was in love with you. I wanted a perfect life for us together and all of that cliched crap, but knowing that I wasn't the person you'd planned on landing up with, I'm so glad that we're no longer together.
I wanted to stay quiet about it and not talk but then I realised I was out there all over the fucking blogosphere painted to be this person who trampled over your feelings and walked. Well, baby, I didn't. I was there, living with the fact that you'd have rather married a vestal virgin who was a family-loving, traditionally inclined woman who would have worshipped the ground you walked on and so on and so forth. I'm not that woman. I'm just me. Everything that has and hasn't happened over the last 25 years have shaped me and mine. I will have you know that if it weren't for all that, I wouldn't be who I am today. I like me. Too bad you didn't see that if I was the type of girl you wanted me to be, we would never have met, become friends, stayed friends, dated. IF I was that vestal virgin type, I would have been married off at 21 and would have had 3 babies by now.
I'm 25, been in and out of one stupid impulse-related situation after another, a little burnt from the journey, but happy anyway. I'm glad that you were a part of that journey, but it saddens me to see that some memories sicken you and make you unhappy and bruise your ego. I have an ego too btw, and it pisses me off like nothing else that you got your spiel out there first!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Do you ever feel alone sometimes in life? Is that loneliness more acute when you are going through what you would call in modern parlance 'a hard time'? Ever wonder where your friends are in times of stress? This is about the time when you would, as a woman, need your girlfriends. The whole point of friendships are indulgnece to a large extent. I know that I go to my friends for affirmation and for a lot of positivity. Today, for instance, was a good reason why I love my friends. I really mean it. Love them!
We were having a group chat about a certain issue and in the midst of that conversation arrived at what can be best described as an epiphany. The reason that I love this conversation is that we went about it in a totally mental way, but the end result was thorough pragmatism.
To foreshadow this wonderful productiveness of mind, I also happened to accomplish a number of tasks assigned to me.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


That is another from amma's and my collection. It's a fengee only!