Monday, May 3, 2010


Do you ever feel alone sometimes in life? Is that loneliness more acute when you are going through what you would call in modern parlance 'a hard time'? Ever wonder where your friends are in times of stress? This is about the time when you would, as a woman, need your girlfriends. The whole point of friendships are indulgnece to a large extent. I know that I go to my friends for affirmation and for a lot of positivity. Today, for instance, was a good reason why I love my friends. I really mean it. Love them!
We were having a group chat about a certain issue and in the midst of that conversation arrived at what can be best described as an epiphany. The reason that I love this conversation is that we went about it in a totally mental way, but the end result was thorough pragmatism.
To foreshadow this wonderful productiveness of mind, I also happened to accomplish a number of tasks assigned to me.

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