Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Customisation of personalities

Before I get started on tonight's edition of the pearls of wisdom - this new template designer on Blogger is awesome! :-)

Now. To my post. I've made certain observations recently about people. It's almost always about people when your primary occupation, no matter what your visiting card says, is people watching. Aping. It's the age-old technique of the human race in order to pass on the message of obeisance. When an aper sees the one he wants to ape aka the apee (ok, but I'm trying to pass of as being smart here thank you!) the aper goes through a process we will call hero worship. Walk around kissing the apee's feet and licking the apee's ass and so on. I don't want to be crude, but the whole process kinda grosses me out, so I'm just going to go with the unpleasantness here. So, aper is in love. Hearts are flying around and so on that's when the changes begin to happen...

These changes are subtle. You won't even notice that they are happening. This is because the aper and the apee are in such close proximity that one just flows into the other coagulating into one blob of gag-inducing, green-coloured, thick, viscous, projectile, via mouth excrement! In such close proximity, the possibility of differentiating the aper and apee is so hard that you begin to confuse the two. After this intense mating is the seperation. That's when shapes become distinguishable, although the nature of the projectile is still the same. As these shapes become distinguishable, you begin to see that the aper is the same person, but not quite the same. There are subtle changes in person, clothing style, intonation and attitude. So much so, that one would not be mistaken in thinking that the aper is somehow a transmogrified apee.

At this point, ideally, you should have only one reaction - this. A person who is incapable of having a personality based on personal experiences and individual growth does not merit the tag of being part of a civilised ordered society and other such -ness. If you ever encounter such a person and don't want to be indifferent you could try to do the following instead - do a shot o Tequila (alcohol is just theatrics, but awesomeness comes from an element of drama, never forget that), turn around, flip that shit the bird and walk!

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