Sunday, June 27, 2010


Blocking people. Such a nice and honest way to tell another person that you* are no longer wanted in their immediate vicinity no? I mean, thanks to technology and apps, we've become ruder. You can block people on messenger, on social networking websites, on the phone and now, as I recently discovered, in the blogosphere too. Did you know that Blogger has an option where your blog can be by invitation only? I didn't. Until Friday that is.
My thoughts? Why waste internet space if you don't have the balls to let the world know what you're thinking? Why keep a "personal" blog in the blogosphere only to make it "by invitation"? How non-common-sensical is that? It's like saying - I have a point of view but I don't want some people to know that I do. If Big Brother was watching you, I'd get the point. However, when the medium of expression is this public a certain sense of nonchalance is only expected? Who cares who's getting offended right?
But the other side is this - Everyone is free to do what they like to. If they want exclusive niche blogs that only 5 people read then alright I guess. If I want to stand the risk of allowing every single internet user to see what I'm thinking then it's a risk I'm taking. I'm no raconteur nor am I a critic of social mores or any of the more important roles that some bloggers assume, but I can safely say that if I'm here, it is because I want to see and be seen. Not because I want to be a wallflower.
What was that theory that the online space gives every person the relative anonymity to acquire a different personality when "communicating" with other faceless people from across the world. If you are going to give yourself a certain image of being this infallible self then should you choose to keep it intact by making your infallibility the subject of conversation of a select few or let the world decide see it too?
I keep thinking that when a person decides to go online, the privacy of snail mail and landline telephones go straight out the window. Personal space and privacy are no longer sacrosanct. They are relative terms. If I'm able to make my Facebook profile really hard to access, I can only stop strangers not friends who could, in all likelihood be judging me...
This privacy thing is a hard line to toe. I do, however, still stand by my theory that if it's blog, then please have the balls to have an opinion, more importantly an open and honest opinion. If you want only a select few praise giving types to egg you on then your megalomania is a bit much...

(*The "you" in this post is used generically and does not refer to a specific person. If someone thinks this post is about them, I have nothing to say to them except - GET OVER YOURSELF!)


  1. Well, Even I feel the same. The most important thing is about the blogs. Blogs are meant to be public, though your private user id in a particular social networking site can be private. Today people are unnecessarily wasting their time by keeping their blogs open only for a select section of the audience.