Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm thinking of lists again today. I should list. I mean, the paragraphs aint coming fast and furious now. So, I'll just list.

--> Chaos bothers me. I see it in non-square shapes. It bothers me on levels I can't even explain and I don't know how, despite this strong dislike, my room is still the messiest dry swamp in the country!

--> I don't do pedantic. I know the words. I know the turn of phrase and the long sentence syntax. But I don't do pedantic. Something about pedantic sets me off. This contradicts the above item on the list, but I find pedantic loopy aka kinda circular hence chaotic hence... well read above for more!

--> I have really shit-nonsense patience with people. Whiny voices bother me. Whiny people bother me. Public display of tears bothers me. Self-obsessed fools bother me. People who think I speak in tongues when I use interesting words in conversation bother me. I bother me!

--> I like any and all police procedurals on TV. From Castle to Criminal Minds, I watch 'em all on Star World. Back in the day when my lappie and internet connection were on the same page as the rest of the world, I watched SideReel.com, now I just wait for TV to show me shows.

--> The WikiLeaks episode. WHOA! right? Ask any working-on-the-ground army personnel, and he/she will tell you they knew all along.

--> Someone will have to explain to me why for some people, there is nothing, I mean nothing, past the initial I'm-so-hot-for-you-I-can't-help-myself phase. Are we really a generation that is all about the sex and nothing beyond that? Is that why there are so many dating manuals out there?

--> I've been reading a lot of good blogs and some great writing lately. Thanks to this. You should check it out too from time to time for some great reads. What's more, you can even recommend.

--> I want to see a post-The Moment of Truth show. Why do you think people put themselves through that routine eh?

More later. When I see that the paragraphs will be easier in coming. As far as I can see, everyone who can type out syntactically correct English is blogging/tweeting/FB'ng about just about everything. I will refrain from that as much as I can. Let's see...


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quotable me - Impulse

Impulse is not about doing something in the moment. Impulse is about doing something without a plan B.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


What is it about friendship that makes it an ever-lasting presence in your life? Why is it that some people come to mean everything to you and no matter how much time passes by, nothing seems to have changed. That's what happened in Delhi from July 7 to July 11. Five years after I left IIMC, I went back to surprise my friend Nina and things were as if these five years never lapsed. I was 20 again and she was 25.

The night I landed there, Delhi welcomed me with a damn downpour the likes of which my mallu heart was all to familiar with. When I met Sid outside the airport, I thought he and I were in for a nightmare trek to Nina's place. But that ordeal was for Nina to face, not me. By the time I got to Dwarka, the rain had settled to a quiet patter and we went about telling Nina to get out office early. But, Delhi decided to give her a tough time about my being there, so by 11.45, while I was dressed up and pretty, Nina walks in and is given her birthday surprise. "I had a dirty feeling!" "I had a dirty feeling!" she kept saying. Yeah, pretty obvious huh! :)

That's around the time I knew we were headed to a place that was playing the Germany/Spain semis. I knew what would happen eventually. I should have been prepared for it. But everywhere I tried to hide, there were only TV screens. I tried to avoid watching the match but hell, it was like the fates were telling me that Germany would always be a third place team. ALWAYS. In that desperation of a team that would always be an almost there team, I decided to drink. And boy did I drink. From shot samplers to the actual shots themselves. By the end of the night, I was participant in many bawdy conversations with my gay friend. I had a pose off with a glass door. I had my head stuck out a cab throwing up. That f-----g Tequila undoes me every single time. There is a part of the wee hours of July 8 that I don't remember. I don't want to. I'd rather it remains forever forgotten. A few re-enactments of that night from my younger brother will suffice in my suicidal tendencies reawakening.

The rest of the week's partying were marred by my falling sick. And my abstinence from alcohol. I told myself that I will not drink any more. But hell, when there's such a beautiful bottle of Bols just asking to be drunk, how in the hell do you waste someone's money? You tell me! The night of July 8 was sober. July 9, Models Night @ Urban Pind was a whole other deal! That night, I happened upon one of the most beautiful looking men I have seen in my life! Green, deep-set eyes, gorgeous skin and a look of wide-eyed wonder. Sigh. One of the girls in the group wanted to have his babies! I stuck with leching. Then there was the matter of the man who picked up male models and took them home while having his arms wrapped around their wastes. Essentially, women don't have a chance with the few good-looking men in the room because some fat, old fart is taking them home so they get a break! Stupid f---er!

Never mind. The point is that I had a much-needed break from Chennai. I realised one thing, whenever I see this city's scape, I will get that warm, fuzzy feeling. But the longer I stay here, inspite of the beach and the sunshine, I will get tired, bored and more importantly, crazy angry. I need to leave and come back to appreciate home. That much I do know now. Never mind what complete strangers say about getting the daughters married and then letting them go wild!



Well, I've been travelling again. Not that I'm complaining. This time, the intent was not a tourist type vacation where I'd be taking pictures and planning iteneraries, but to just be. Far away from everything familiar, I indulged in the one hobby I love most, bumming around all day. Sleeping, TV and daaru! :)

Nina's yelling and "I had a dirty feeling" and my ill-fated tryst with Tequila was all worth every hot and humid minute in Delhi. I will post in grusome, and maybe even microscopic, detail ASAP.

For now, all you need to know is that my "I've never been this pissing drunk before" record hath been overthrown...

P.S: It was also awesome to spend time with my younger brother who's moved from Chennai to Pune. I wish he was around, but he's not and that sucks ass!

P.P.S: I'm now in year 2 of my singledom!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The one sentence diss

(I was really hoping that this wouldn't turn into a regular feature, but here comes a new edition of the one sentence diss)

Murphy, whoever and wherever he is, is a stupid f#$%!