Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm thinking of lists again today. I should list. I mean, the paragraphs aint coming fast and furious now. So, I'll just list.

--> Chaos bothers me. I see it in non-square shapes. It bothers me on levels I can't even explain and I don't know how, despite this strong dislike, my room is still the messiest dry swamp in the country!

--> I don't do pedantic. I know the words. I know the turn of phrase and the long sentence syntax. But I don't do pedantic. Something about pedantic sets me off. This contradicts the above item on the list, but I find pedantic loopy aka kinda circular hence chaotic hence... well read above for more!

--> I have really shit-nonsense patience with people. Whiny voices bother me. Whiny people bother me. Public display of tears bothers me. Self-obsessed fools bother me. People who think I speak in tongues when I use interesting words in conversation bother me. I bother me!

--> I like any and all police procedurals on TV. From Castle to Criminal Minds, I watch 'em all on Star World. Back in the day when my lappie and internet connection were on the same page as the rest of the world, I watched SideReel.com, now I just wait for TV to show me shows.

--> The WikiLeaks episode. WHOA! right? Ask any working-on-the-ground army personnel, and he/she will tell you they knew all along.

--> Someone will have to explain to me why for some people, there is nothing, I mean nothing, past the initial I'm-so-hot-for-you-I-can't-help-myself phase. Are we really a generation that is all about the sex and nothing beyond that? Is that why there are so many dating manuals out there?

--> I've been reading a lot of good blogs and some great writing lately. Thanks to this. You should check it out too from time to time for some great reads. What's more, you can even recommend.

--> I want to see a post-The Moment of Truth show. Why do you think people put themselves through that routine eh?

More later. When I see that the paragraphs will be easier in coming. As far as I can see, everyone who can type out syntactically correct English is blogging/tweeting/FB'ng about just about everything. I will refrain from that as much as I can. Let's see...


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