Friday, August 13, 2010

Words and things

I’m the kind of nut job that would put the following down as a list and go on and on in a convoluted manner. However, I realised that if I took the time to, I could present some thoughts in a less convoluted fashion and could, if possible, make my lists look prettier than just a collection of bulleted points of note. So this is a new kind of post from me, the one-paragraph-per-thought post! I also realised that both these points are about words. I seem to have this strange connection to words. I keep thinking of them, and I keep wanting to find new ways to use them. It’s a lot of fun. It’s very interesting and the research involved results in you finding new ways in which to use these words 

Forge. It’s an interesting word. It signifies a process, an event, a conclusive happening that leads to all kinds of things. Good and bad. Some evenings, there will be conversations over beer and food. You will think that in those shared moments of misery and joy, friendships will be forged. Somehow, you will need to realise that forging is specifically about a new formation. It can’t be welded over what already exists. Bonds, that can be called tenuous on a good day, cannot be forged over a few shared, honest moments.


I have this nasty habit of thinking of things when I’m the middle of some arbitrary conversation! It’s bizarre! Like today, for instance. I was chatting with a friend of mine and out of nowhere the word “asinine” came to mind, for no apparent reason. It just popped out of nowhere. No context or anything, it just popped! 

(I'm posting this from office. It's highly insane to be doing it, but whatever!)

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