Thursday, September 23, 2010

Since my last post...

I’ve taken to drafting my blog entries on Word. I would always spend hours on the compose tab on Blogger for my posts, until I began my series. I did it purely because I needed to make a point and ensure that it was done well. However, while going through the “structured” writing phase, it occurred to me to try regular post composing on Word, just to see how it would turn out. My tendency to make socially inappropriate commentary seems to have been cut down drastically! I find myself thinking a little more carefully about what I’m typing and what I’m trying to say. It’s hard to not just go ahead and put my foot in it with aplomb (us Indians have a tendency to use such words in our copy).

So, this post is going to be a precedent for most posts, I think. I’m not sure. I have this dirty habit of starting out very ambitiously and then going back to the comforts of my routine. Case in point, my much-abandoned attempt at yoga. My mother was pretty sure that she won her campaigning of getting me to exercise. She knows that I am one of the laziest human beings alive, and I don’t have the mental and physical reserves of strength to bring myself out of this lazy funk phase of mine. Not yet at least.

Since my last post, in my real-time life some significant events have occurred. I’ve resigned. I have until the end of November to work as a journalist at The Times Group – Response. After that, I’m out of here and taking a month off to a) have a sit down with my family about my grandmother’s future and what needs to be done. (My 80-year-old grandmother has dementia, she’s diabetic, fractured her hand a few years ago and can’t use her right arm any longer, she also has no sense of time, places and people. We’ve tried everything from asking the next-door neighbours for help and they’ve been very very nice about it, but how long can we depend on them? My mother and aunt both work and they are gone most of the day. I work and am not at home. My aunt in Singapore comes down only once a year. Ever since my grandfather died in 2003, my grandmother has been home alone all day.) We’ve recently asked a home nurse to come home while everyone is at work, but how trustworthy, and more importantly, safe is that? Anyway, this needs to get sorted out. An old age home is out of the question, my aunt won’t allow it. Too complicated to explain so I’m not going to get into that. Option b) is to attend a couple of weddings and use my time of unemployment to get my head back on track. The year 2010, starting with my Chicken Pox bout has been one large mind fuck. Not the most pleasant experience that.

Starting January 2011, I’m going to actively job hunt and try to see what I can do about my future options. I don’t do hard-hitting journalism. I’m not the person with the by-lines against articles about the government’s inefficiency and the sorry state of affairs in the world. I’m the person who writes in all the supplements about people, maybe fashion and make-up maybe profile a doctor or two and an education story or two (about college events) and other such assorted light-hearted things. In the midst of this purely lifestyle beat are the hyper local supplements that I write for – covering everything from impending bridge work to meeting councillors of wards to ask them questions. I wonder if I should continue here. Apart from having made my writing more focussed, journalism hasn’t really instilled me with a social conscience. People only think I have one, which is sad, because I don’t and I don’t want one. For every indifferent soul like me, there are at least ten people who’re serious about what they do, for a planet of 6 billion, those are fairly big numbers (even if you were to factor things like city dwellers, etc). I’m happier co-ordinating the production of pages than I am out on the field chasing a story. Does that mean I should not attempt this genre of writing or that I should be a dedicated desk editor? Who knows! I know I don’t.


What also happened was that a follower of mine on blogger went a little nuts on me. While it was a drunk email one night, it was g-talk messages that went along the lines of “–hi (a second later) –you there? –you’re hard to get through to – add me on Facebook –come to Hyderabad with your friends, I’ll be the tour guide –do I talk too much – when are you posting next” ---- all within seconds of each other. I got fed up of being polite (yes, I know) and blocked him. He sent an email the other day saying he’s sorry. Erm, dude, just because I’m pretty and polite doesn’t mean you have a chance, it only means I’m pretty and polite. Please go ahead and think I am a bitch, because I am one. I’m not going to make excuses for that. Nor am I going to spare your feelings. I can’t even think of the trauma I would have had to face if you were a stalker in my own city. So, do the world a favour and please find someone else’s writing to drool over if that is not too much trouble for you. You can’t catch a break these days because of the interwebs, it’s full of people who think they can string a few full-of-praise sentences and then get away with it. WTF. Seriously?! You think?


In other news, I spent more than Rs2,000 on books. From The Unbearable Lightness of Being to Love in the Time of Cholera, it’s all been bought, name-written and scotch taped (I use scotch tape to tape the ends of the cover page because I don’t like my book cover looking worn out, I’m OCD like that!). The first book in the set of ten that I finished is The Pregnant King by Devdutt Pattanaik (review with new series to follow soonly). I’m reading the Unbearable Lightness of Being now, it’s a slower read that Pregnant King, but I’ll finish it for sure. Tomas reminds me of me way too much for me to ever stop reading this book.


All this leaves me with a nice thought, that of blogging with more frequency. I came up with this gem only because I realised that I need to use this space more often and justify its existence. My neglected other blog is catching cobwebs in the blogosphere, sigh, that is asking for a revival too, but it’s pink right now (background-wise I mean) and needs some serious changes in its template and focus before it becomes a regular feature.

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  1. 2010 has been 'one large mind fuck' it seems. Lol. Good, honest rant.

    FYI - that was not a full-of-praise sentence.