Monday, October 18, 2010

When not in the mood

  • I'm going to throw up all over Chennai city if there is one more conversation about things that aren't going to change. Want to be an ideating idealist? go change the world. I don't want to listen to what is right and what is wrong with this country. People who are not part of the process, should suck it.
  • Beer is best not consumed. I don't much care for it. I don't get the fuss over it. You need to consume alcohol? Go straight for the stuff that hits you.
  • All the potentials that I meet in this city have one reaction when I tell them about a particular ex of mine. "you dated him?!!!" I just smile. I'm never going to get lucky as long as that stupid albatross is around my neck.
  • Chennai is a small city. Everyone knows everyone else and their mother. I need to leave.
  • I'm hoping that my 26th birthday will be ushered in with a relieving order from my current employer. It'd be a great birthday present.
  • Three years down the line, I've come into some information that I could have done without. I didn't need to know. Since I wasn't in on any of the drama, it seems like I missed out on everything. Yet somehow, I managed to remain on friendly terms with everyone involved.

I really wanted to write this long, long post. But doesn't seem to be happening. Maybe a sordid chronicle of some of my behind-the-cupboard chronicles are in order. Who knows!


  1. Chanced upon your blog...and I had to comment!
    2. Beer shall grow on you. It does. And it doesn't get more real and raw than that.
    3. Why do I get this strange feeling...I know who you are talking about.
    4. Yes. Everyone knows everyone. You know me. Period.
    5. I know how that feels...just exactly how...

  2. when not in the mood, a lot of things seem like albatrosses and unnecessary information. perhaps it'll all look better once the mood changes.

  3. I super agree with your first topic. There's no reason why we can't be the change we want to be. :-)