Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm unemployed. I don't have money. I'm happy. I'm travelling with my family to temples and more temples to pray and pray that I get married. I'm sick of it. But it all makes for a great post. A post that I am too tired to post at the moment, but a post that I will write in 48 hours.



  1. I am 27, single, unemployed, and come from a similarly-minded culture, except that some of my family members have recently declared that I am well past my child bearing years, and therefore off the marriage market, expired goods if you will! I miss India though, and loved Mahabalipuram despite it being half under water at the time, I just wanted to say, forgive me I ramble, and I wish my family would pray for me to get married instead of calling me dried up and dusty already! all the best though I really enjoy your blog!

  2. I'm sure they are Katerina. Mine will start the you're old routine in a year at the very latest! where are you from?

  3. I consider myself international, but originally born and raised in Jerusalem Palestine. I am however, a mixture of both Palestinian and Norwegian genes. this year has officially been labelled as the 'I'm barren at 27, and un-marry-able year! Not to mention the FACT (stated by many) that the city (Jerusalem) has finally run out of good marriage-worthy men, so in other words I am screwed (or should have been)!
    I just remember having such a great time visiting all the different temples when I was India and I miss it, but at least we're in the same boat! Greetings from snowy Norway, it feels nice that I am not alone :)

  4. Have you gone to a place named thiruvadanthai, a place near kovalam, ecr..my sis at 26 went there and got married in the next five months..do try it..