Wednesday, December 15, 2010



It’s what happens when your mouth is suddenly filled with a thin, non-viscous fluid. It’s an instinctive reaction, something out of your control, it’s what happens when you experience a fleeting moment of intense want, no, need.

Salivate is precisely the term for me and my reaction to mango avakkai pickle. When I open the bottle and stare down at cubed raw mango pieces pickled in a thick mustard paste with salt and chilli powder and enough gingelly oil, I salivate. What else can I say really? If you’ve ever sat down to eat rice, curd and avakkai pickle, you’ll know. If you’ve ever eaten a bowl of curd and avakkai pickle you’ll know. If you’ve ever mixed avakkai pickle in hot rice and some ghee, trust me, you’ll know.

And this ladies and gentlemen is my 100th post.


  1. Congratulations on your milestone. I think my 100th post was about poop. So you're really classing up the blogosphere with the pickle post.

  2. congratulations o ur 100 th post..

    mango pickle... the sound of it only has caused a rush of salivation running down my throat..

    feel free to comment at

  3. I'm with RunAwayBride. I'm salivating just thinking about mango pickle.

    Unfortunately, I'm about 70 minutes away from any, which is not a doable lunch break.

  4. @runawaybride - thanks and :)
    @Nevets - mango pickle is just awesomesauce if you ask me

  5. Agreed. :) And this post has ensured that this weekend we're driving up to the nearest city wherein mango pickle can be obtained!

  6. Y'all are making me want to go out this weekend and see if I can find some mango pickles anywhere around here just so I can figure out what you're talking about. There's an Indian grocery store in town I've been meaning to visit to see if they have any "fermented brown basmati rice" (as it was described to me) that the wife's been wanting, so maybe they'll have something.

    (Think I can pass off a bag of "fermented brown basmati rice" as one of my Christmas presents for the wife?)

  7. randomchild - just ask them for the South Indian pickle, avakkai. It's very spicy, but worth it.

    nevets - well awesomesauce is worth the trip I think

  8. I don't get thayir saadam and avakkai here okay. You would have got your 100th post gongratulation had you not reminded me of curd-rice-pickle!


  9. Dei, over aa pouting not allowed! poda! btw, this girl I studied with when I was in Delhi said to me that Amritsar's sambar was to die for. So you have hopes? You want pickle mins tell, I send