Friday, December 24, 2010


So, it’s day three of my “holiday” in Singapore. It doesn’t feel like one though. The trouble with visiting this lowelee island nation is the simple fact that I don’t take in the sights and ‘experience’ the place. I eat home food, hang out with by-marriage family, shop and go back to Chennai.

Not that I don’t enjoy it. I do. But, I wish I could take a holiday with only my friends for company and really explore a new place. I don’t mind if the trip only lasts a week or even three days, but I would truly appreciate the time I take to look around and lech at a tourist destination.

Tourist-y leching doesn’t happen when I’m in Singapore. I’ve become a little jaded with the place. That’s not a kind thing to say. If my aunt reads this, she’ll probably want me dead, but it’s true. On an almost bi-annual basis, I’m in Singapore. Apart from Singapore, my passport’s been stamped for Thailand and Indonesia and Sri Lanka. I want to go to Europe and Australia and a couple of other places where I know the chances of me falling ill to a mysterious forest virus are very miniscule!

However, for now, my foreign travel is restricted to Singapore.

In India too, there are a few places that I would like to visit. For starters, Mumbai. Then Rajasthan. Then Gujarat. Then UP and Orissa and West Bengal.

I think my PoA for 2011 is going to be to at least attempt to travel to one of these places. If not alone, then at least with my idiot younger brother, who’s far better company than I give him credit for. At least, my parents won’t worry and for an unmarried girl, male sibling for company would be appropriate no?

Oddly enough, I said the same thing about my plans for 2010 too. Apart from the temple-hopping, nothing really materialized. You know how sad that makes me? I wish, I truly wish I was like my darling friend N who saved money and traipsed off to Europe in June this year. I want to save money and traipse. I like traipsing!

Ok, so, I stop whining, yes? And I continue to enjoy this tropical country and my half-mad extended family!


  1. Your trip to Singapore sounds fun, but enjoy the country and soak the culture in! And I'm with you about Rajasthan. I lived there for about five months and it is such an amazing place. So is Orissa and Himachal Pradesh (don't know if you have been). If you have chance to take another trip, I would say go with Orissa!

  2. Priya, I plan to... but Rajasthan and Orissa are definitely priority on my list... I've been to Himachal

  3. You have not been to Bombay (not Mumbai)?
    Epic failness only!

  4. Ey, when I was baby I went ya. After that, nahi gaya hai!

  5. Your Hindi is phenomenally bad :P

  6. I'll come with you to one place!
    and when are you back? chennai is lowelee but it would be lowelier with your face in it.

  7. Gogol - it's bad only. What to do!
    Niyo - which place? I'm back after Pongal - 15th.

  8. Well, if you're coming for orissa, ill give yu some travel tips cos for the past one month im roaming around all the places of orissa like sambalpur, konark, puri, sundergarh, rourkela etc..And you can enjoy the place as well you feel pity for the people out here!!