Sunday, January 2, 2011


I saw an interesting post on Facebook today about the right to post on walls and the right to delete friends. It hit me then that friendships have moved on to a whole other dimension in the 2000s. There was a time when a friend didn’t have to adhere to so many things in order to be called a friend. A friend just was. Acceptance and distance was alright. Somehow the complexities and niceties that one has to maintain today was not even a talking point in the pre-overconnectivity era.

This long holiday and break-from-everything-familiar is an interesting gig. I like it. A lot. However, in some instances, I really wish I was around things and people familiar to me in a routine kind of way. It would have made my life so much easier knowing where everything is and getting work organized, and more importantly, getting work done. This, this time zone and waiting is a pain.

Someone told me that I now have nothing to rant about. I want him to read a previous post. Just about everything on this planet irks me. I’m one of those people who will never be happy with the sun, moon and stars. I need things to be a certain way. The response to this will either be a smirk or one of those self-righteous spiels that I care not to paraphrase here. Truth is, everyone has an opinion and everyone is living life on their own terms and doing the things they want to do. It’s fucking unfair that everyone else gets to do it and I don’t!

Why is it such a big deal when people express dissent? If the dissent itself is not causing grievous or bodily harm to anyone, it’s ok. It’s called democratic. It’s called individualism. It’s called the death of the genre. I’m sorry to say this, but in a world rife with deifying the individual, the time has come for generic to become archaic. Labels are so dated. Everyone is an expert now and statistics only apply to the individual. It’s called labelism this crime of dumping individuals in one basket and calling them all one thing. So, stop.

Forgot to add my biggest crime to that list I made. I do overkill like a pro – from jokes to hypotheses – I have an uncanny knack of making a point perfectly beautifully and then hammering it home like there’s no tomorrow. Case in point, direct your eyes towards the previous two paragraphs and figure it out.


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  1. haha, again i love this post. I think it's fine to be pissed off at life and things... that's all part of life! :)

    And about facebook, I'm with you. I actually got off of facebook a while back ago realizing how big of a waste of time it is, and I certainly don't regret it! I think real friends will remember your bday without looking at facebook, will be there for your outside of that world. I don't know. Maybe you should try it?