Friday, January 7, 2011


Now, for those of you who have been regulars in the blog universe, you probably know about the Bloggies. It's the longest-running award for this part of the interwebs and this year, I'm doing a wee bit of campaigning. Not for me! I'm not that shameless. Yet.

I want all of you to please vote for my friend Thauseef. I've been following his blog since forever and I must tell you, the one thing that has remained consistent about his space is his ability to let you see every painful detail in as microscopic a magnification as possible.

He's painfully honest about his life, loves and losses and tells a beautiful story. ensure he gets nominated for the "Best Writing of a Weblog" category, and if you agree with me, pass the word around.

Voting closes on January 16th for nominations. So, once again, please vote for my friend and pass the word around.