Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me and other things.

Yesterday, I tried writing a post about myself. You know the self-deprecatory post, just to show a bit of humanity in my otherwise indestructible- from-the-outside self. I scrapped it. Not because I don’t want people to know, it’s the kind of introspection that will make me delete this blog! Yeah, I’m crazy like that.

It’s a person’s responsibility, in a way, to look at their mistakes and try to become better people. If you’re open about putting yourself through that process, it’s amazing. I, for one, am that weakling who simply cannot put herself through a self-improvement exercise in public. It’s precisely the kind of oversharing that makes me uncomfortable.

It’s ironic because I overshare. Not in the this-is-what-I-did-at-16:26 Hrs kind of way, but more of a mini-biography-of-Shh kind of way. It’s a little creepy on hindsight, but I seem to do it and I seem, SEEM to find people who will listen also!

So, here’s what happens ok, I talk too much. Some kind and well-mannered soul listens for a while. Then there is absolute silence from the other side. It’s very confusing. Are you quiet because you want to hear more? You’ve fallen asleep? You’re so bored you’ve spaced out exactly the way you did in History class? You’re dead? You really don’t care? So many possibilities to consider . The worst of it is that people won’t tell me anything in fear that I will launch into another long-winded profound speech.

It’s a scary process.

Off late, I've stopped doing this. I only end up thinking something's wrong with me and let's be honest, no one wants to feel that way right?


So, next up in my travels is Kerala. Two consecutive weekends. One weekend I am going to this temple in Angadipuram to sit through a pooja that requests the universe to kindly align the stars in order so I can get married! The next weekend I will go back to Trivandrum for the Attukal Pongala. I can't believe I'm repeating events on this blog! It's ok, this time, I think it's going to be more fun. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If all goes well, my mom #3 will make the trip.


And yes, I am back in Chennai. Home. And you know what? My family forgot that I was reaching on Saturday. So there I was outside the arrival gate of the airport and who do I see? No one. I called home and my father was sleeping! To make things worse, I left my phone behind in Singapore. I got my number back but I still can't get over my parents thinking that I was coming back on Sunday! I took a cab and spent the last of my money. I'm now completely broke. Have only Rs60 in my bank account. Sigh. I need a job!



  1. Your misery somehow amuses me, still.

  2. You know, I want to say something snarky. But I can't. You'll still be the guy who has prettier hair!

  3. The first part was pretty intense. Well penned.