Monday, March 28, 2011


Before I get to what I want to post about, here's a blog/project that a very good friend of mine has started.

I'm excited about this because the Thirukkural is something that I have always been interested in learning. It will be a great experience for me, personally.

I want people to read this blog because of the way an ancient and relevant text has been presented in a way all of us, irrespective of language/nationality/educational background can relate to.

We are much the wiser for knowing what Thiruvalluvar had to say so many centuries ago. This blog reaches out to the secret Tamizh ponnu that I actually am after four generations of life here.

Please do read. Please follow and I hope you can take something very interesting back from it.



  1. good effort shruthi.. all the best.. :)

  2. please do follow my friend's blog Jaisree. I think this is an awesome project that she's started :)