Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Attukal in photos

So this is Attukal, through the lens of my camera. No candid moments. As of the morning of the Pongala, I hadn't slept for two days, on the trot. There was honestly no mood to change the settings of my camera to anything more than "auto". Apologies!

That's my mother. At 6am-ish. We were standing in line to grate the coconuts for our payasam.

From L-R - my mum's first sister, my mum's sister #2 who flew in from Singapore and my uncle's sister-in-law! Yeah, complicated family structures. Long story behind this picture. The ladies in cream used up all the jaggery from our bags to make this appam. When we had to make our payasam, we had to find more jaggery! bah!

The pots lined up for the Pongala later on. The fire in the temple was lit at 10.45am.

The pot, decorated and ready to be Pongala-d.

The fire for the pots from the temple.

All pongified! :D . The pots from L-R - my Singapore aunts', mine and my mother's.

After this, it was only adding the jaggery, which we discovered was stolen, and coconut and cooking it with ghee and dry fruit. Mine turned out a little burned, my aunt's and mother's was just fine.

There's Attukal. After this its a lot of candid photos of us eating slices of watermelon, drinking lime juice and my cousin insisting on not photographing our faces but our big fat bums! :P

One more before I sign off. See, I had to take this one. It's just something that I do.


  1. Beautiful pictures! :) Thank you for walking us through the Pongula!

  2. Your mum so looks like a teacher. She reminds me of a teacher who was hell bent on separating my ears from my face.

    And why is your pongala pot not round?

  3. @notgogol - amma does no? And her tactic was not seperation of body parts, she had "the stare"! As for round pots, it's handmade mass manufacturing, must give room for shape anomalies! Also, Payasam is more important that the pot.