Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love how me and everyone else get righteously indignant about the news and what ought to get showcased in the media today. Everyone is pissed off at sensationalism and headlines that scream hyperbole. Everyone is so concerned that the media is not acting as a transparent and ethical enterprise because they let big companies advertise.

I have a request for all the righteously indignant people, please come and run a news publication. Honestly. I’ve been in the industry for two years, and I know a little better than you sitting at home and reading the paper every morning and getting upset about the paper having whored available space to the corporates. If you hate the corporates so fucking much, don’t buy the fancy cars or sign up for the fancy insurance policies or buy the fancy clothes or buy the fancy food products. Self-sustain. That way you can wag your indignant little fingers at the machine and the media without some little cog like me telling you off.

The Amish have a better chance than you do at making a relevant point about the state of the world today. They are not on fancy websites, succumbing to the pressure that pop culture puts on you to be cool. The Amish, now they can be righteously indignant. The rest of us? Who are, in some way or form, dependent on corporate entities, ought to stuff it and sit in a corner.

For as long as big advertisements are paying the salaries, (you know how money will pay for three meals a day and other things to keep you alive, right?), journalists will bow to a corporate whim or two. The Eagles’ fantasy of love keeping us alive is rubbish. People don’t live on love and fresh air, if they did, starving farmers wouldn’t commit suicide.

Philosophy and righteous indignation is for the rich person who doesn’t have to worry about anything. The middle-class, the regular, everyday average person? They just have to deal with nonsense and get on with living a life under the radar. Reality doesn’t support fantasy. If it did, we’d be living in a perfect world. Everyone can’t be rich and content with life. The chi of the universe will unravel if that ever happened. For someone to be rich, someone has to be poor. For someone to be happy, someone has to be sad.

That’s just how it goes. For every righteous journo/news publication there has to be a sellout media organization. If you don’t appreciate it, spend your time and money following “authentic and genuine public interest journalism”. When you get sick of those people telling you that everything, including you, is a shit pit unlike any other, you’ll buy that glossy magazine that sells you an experience that gives you, if nothing else, a few moments of escapism!

The man is bigger than all of us put together. You can’t escape him. Do yourself a favour and succumb. You’ll find that happily ever after is not hyperbole.


  1. Ha ha ha. So well said! Well said! While they can sit at home earning their corporate badass salaries we are expected to not be sell-outs and make shit like money for being treated like shit. We should know who pays better considering we've seen the view now, and they can call the big papers sell-outs but they are the only ones paying their employees right!
    p.s I like the label.

  2. I love your concluding line. may borrow it someday when I write my book.
    also, you used to have a poetry blog no. where eet ees? and have you figured out who I am yet? :)

  3. K - I know man. full feelings came when too much dissing happened on FB
    Niyo - Pleae borrow but give credit. Also, I kinda distilled 1984 for the last line :). Also, of course I know who you are :-D