Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This proclivity towards laziness that I have is going to one day manifest itself as a killer abcess. I’m sure of it!

In more relevant news, I am not employed. I’m working at a Chennai magazinw – Taxi – as its editor. It’s very random for me to go from correspondent to editor without making a profound stop at the “senior journalist” stop! However, I think 26 is a good age to mess around with importance and so on. I think so at least.

After three months of steadily shuttling in and out of Chennai, my travelling stopped as of February 20. I must say that it was a very bizarre thing to be living at home in between trips. They were not as frequent as some of the travels undertaken by some traveling businessmen of my acquaintance, but that’s work.

This state hopping has brought one thing to the fore, I love my people not the place they inhabit.

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