Friday, April 1, 2011

And again, with the nonsense

Two blog posts were drafted and abandoned – one on my non-existent tolerance for cricket (it’s sacrilege to be saying it considering that I’m Indian and all, but it’s ok, I can stomach the T20 format well enough and that does, in some miniscule fraction level, redeem my kenainess [loser(?)ness] with my friends) another was familiarly righteous and indignant about some illiterate person saying some equally illiterate thing that annoyed me. But they’ve been deleted, so I’m not even going to bother recalling the point I was so vainly trying to make.

I am going to share a link. A link that leads to an article that is long, a little painful to get through and is one more irritating example of the fascinated American in India. I’m sorry I’m being such a complete diss bag with the lovely people who support the Incredible India campaign with such fervor and sunburnt enthusiasm, but when you throw in nonsense like “thin national narrative” and give me one more heartfelt portrait about India’s tiny streets and tiny children and other NatGeo-worthy nonsense, you need to allow me to lose my temper and call you a fool. That’s all. It’s a fair deal. After all, you come from a country that people migrated to because they were sick of Europe. After landing in America you persecuted the natives for reasons best-known only to you. For a country that’s only 200 some years old to even think to compare itself to a country whose politicians (read Chanakya/Shaguni/Krishna) have been in existence before some religions even came to be is blasphemous to say the least of what it is. It pisses me off. In a way, I’m glad I have your language so I can tell you off.

Off late, most of my reading material has been stuff that has the potential to really rile me up. The summary of all my reading is quite simple – I live in a country that has forgotten the ideals of the people who fought for our freedom. Governance is no longer possible here because every single bureaucrat has proven that he/she has a price and they only have it because they know that there are enough people with the money to meet their demands. It’s saddening and infuriating in equal measure. I’ve had long and impassioned conversations with my friends about how upsetting it is to live here. Yes, we’re moving ahead, but those of us who want to enjoy the benefits of progress have only the luxury of a rant and nothing more. Like I’ve said before in this blog, my vote doesn’t matter. I’m literate and capable of making a living and telling a politician to go to hell. Giving me a free laptop or TV or ceiling fan is not going to improve the quality of my life. I choose to be a drama queen about this whole situation because I voted and paid taxes and feel entitled to ask questions, lose my temper and throw a tantrum.

So far the only good thing going on at the moment is the fact that summer is upon Chennai. It means the odours of the city are at its most pungent (yeah, that only means the Cooum!); it means watermelons; it means mangoes and mango pickle, which is incidentally an addiction of mine; it means humidity combined with a strange burning in your skin because of the sun; it means mostly that Chennai is in character and delivering on all counts. Not a single person in the city is capable of remembering the city when it’s more pleasant and less humid. For most of us, Chennai is the heat. We secretly crave the bouts of sweating!



  1. I am sorry, but with rants like this I will have a crush on a S for sure.

  2. Rightly said about Summer! <3 It was SO weird during nov and dec!
    I hope u r doing urself good by ranting and letting out all the negative energy in ur heart!
    Atleast watch the IPL =P
    And support CHENNAI!<3 =D

  3. @notgogol - what?
    @semi - Always a CSK fan! ;)