Monday, April 11, 2011

Manic Mondays

I have a strange feeling I’m living two lives.

One day I’m the temple-visiting good girl who will go along with any plan that her parents have for her and for her future. On the other I’m falling off my friend’s couch and getting a 25-paisa size burn on my upper arm because I couldn’t sit straight after all the alcohol I consumed.

My liver and my stomach protested extremely strongly. After a Saturday night I would rather forget, my past caught up with me in a manner than I don’t think I am entirely comfortable with. However, I need to prove a point, so I am going to see how the hell this pans out.

And just to make a point, some men will remain ever creepy. Marriage is the last thing that makes a difference to them!

More, later.


  1. your past caught up with you?! oh dear. tell in person. btw, you said you were "fine" after the burn. I'm not saying anything more here :p

  2. lol.. i like the split personna :P


  3. Most of us a juggling with the split persona no Rohit?