Saturday, April 9, 2011

Undo, re-write, replicate

The trouble with writing on Word is the Ctrl+Z option. I think it’s cool when you need to use it to re-work something you’ve written, one the other hand, people like me abuse the function to delete possibly revolutionary content. All because I’m too much of a wimp to tell you exactly what I think. This need for propriety is going to kill me one day and I am going to blame someone else. Blame society perhaps. Society takes the blame for a lot of things; it may as well carry this also on its little head!

On that happy note…

There has been so much going on recently. India won the Cricket World Cup, thank god for that. It only means that when we play in Australia in 2015, people will expect us to pull off one more win. Not that it isn’t likely; I just don’t see it happening. In the meantime, if the Chennai Super Kings win IPL4, I will be extremely grateful to them. If Chennai can’t get the ‘cool city’ tag, we may as well have the badass-est cricket team in the country, no? It gives us more incentive to toot our horns. We need something to yell about.

And there was one more wedding that I went to. Since October, I’ve only been doing one thing consistently, go to weddings. Whether I want to be there or not, the point is that I am an attendee at weddings and that means a lot of things, both good and bad. The recurring joke is “who’s next?” the recurring answer is “it could be you, you’re old enough, get married”. I like to think that these things have a matter of time surrounding them; however, time is not something the world concerns itself with. They want to be humorous and funny and smart-mouthed and make people like me defensive. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend of mine, she had one question for me, again, a question that has become standard question when in conversation with me – “how’s the groom hunt at your place di?” I had to ask her why she asked me, as was everyone else, to which she replied – “Because you put it up on FB a lot, so people are obviously going to ask you.”

I had to concede that she had a point. I’ve been going to town with this husband-finding process for quite a while now. So much so that it seems to be the only thing that people want to have a conversation about. My answers vary depending on my audience. To some people I’m mature and am approaching this very level-headedly, to some others I’m plain neurotic, for the most part I’m just irritated that it’s the only thing that my parents want to think about and it’s the only thing that people want me to talk about. How hard is it to not talk to me if you have nothing of relevance to discuss? But no, you need to make conversation, so you will bring up a subject on which I can talk about for hours and hours and then complain to me that I only think of this one thing. Poda ________! (In Tamil, poda dash, aka, the blank, is one hell of a way to tell someone to please get lost in the dense jungles of the Amazon basin and not bother to find their way out!)


  1. Your phase can be compared to a 10th std students =P In 10th all ppl ask you is studied for the boards? as if we have nothing else to live for!

  2. Semi - board students' trouble goes away in two years... but yeah, I see your point :)