Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My friend the poet

There's someone I know, who is this amazing woman. Super friend and the light of my life since 2005. No kidding. We met during a two-year course that was marked by disillusionment and theatre. They were two of the best years of my life and two of the worst.

We watched the rain come in from the sea. We talked, endlessly, about what we thought and how we came to those conclusions. We shared so much, we held back so much.

Two years later, when the time came for goodbyes, we wrote letters. All that's stopped now and I think on some strange level, we don't need that conversation any longer.

I met her recently, a couple of months ago, and it occurred to me that friends like her are rare and even if I think Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch, as long as the feeling is the same when we meet, it's all good.

My only problem with her is the fact that she never shares her creative writing. This time, however, she went ahead and got them published. Do read.


  1. I love her poetry, it's very unique and creative. I totally understand what you mean about certain friendships. There are some that are so unique and special that no length of silence can dampen them.

  2. J - anytime macha.

    Priya - I'm glad you enjoyed reading her work. she is awesome isn't she?