Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why men can be annoying

There are some hits that you will take because you probably asked for it. There are some hits, however, that come your way because the universe is pissed off with you and your happy place and decides to put a stop the simple pleasures of your life - I’m having one of those days.

It’s amazing to me the circularity of some things. Why people won’t let go of you because three or more years ago you were connected to them and since you’ve moved on and have turned into a healthier, less-neurotic self, it’s not cool any more that you’re no longer connected to each other. Why? Seriously, why? Is it not enough that I’m happy without you? Do I have to struggle with a nasty thought and then think about how happy I am? Do I need to validate my everyday happiness by comparing it to the mindfuck you were? Do I?

One of the most appalling things about the series of random events that have unfolded since yesterday afternoon is one fact – men, the attention-seeking ones, are trash talkers to the very extreme. I mean, hello! If you’re not getting any that don’t mean you make up a nice little story with me as the protagonist you chooth piece! Stop lying about things that never happened. Just stop.

When more and more shit like this is unearthed, the bigger my reasons are for not liking men. Yes, I was consensually involved with a few at some point in time, but if they didn’t act like trashbags post the event, I’d be less angry about this. Act like complete douches after, why don’t you? Give me reason to inventively tell you to fuck the hell off of this planet. Being classy, being adult, being mature was never part of the agenda. I guess that’s precisely why a lot of women indulge in man-bashing that almost always ends with – “what the fiuck was I thinking?”

I think, I wasn’t thinking.


On a more happy note – post 150 approaches – and with it the dilemma of how to make it memorable. I made 100 a very interesting subject. How do I usher 150?


  1. LOL... I too join you in man-bashing, or rather boy-bashing as the male sex never manages to reach adulthood. They seem to be mentally halt at the tadpole stage.

  2. I love that your 100th post was about avvakai pickle. hehe. I shall ruminate over number 150 now.

  3. If there was a rehab for pickle addicts, I'd be the first person there!!!

  4. I feel like this post was kind of unfair lol

  5. Thanks for generalizing an entire gender. It'd be nice if these guys could take accountability, as individuals, rather than having to write it off as some kind of gender defect.

  6. @Kid - If I could, I'd name names and not have to lump the good men I know in this vitriol. And I do honestly apologise if this has irked a few good men in any way. Unfortunately for them, this situation is just a case of one rotten apple ruining the whole bunch...

  7. Hey - no worries. I know how men can be. One of my most recent posts commented on this very thing!

    Anyways, hope you are well x