Sunday, July 3, 2011


It isn’t often that I find myself teary after a confrontation. This time, it happened because the reason for the confrontation was something really important to me – food.

In my house, I’m the odd one out. In a large population, my vegetarian/left-handed self would be part of a generic statistic – the one-in-every-500-is-a-nutter type. However, in this specific case, I am the odd one out. Basically this means, when my family sits down to elaborate Sunday lunches, my plate would be the least appetizing-looking. Why? “Shit, you. I forgot” would normally be the reaction.

Over the years, I got used to it and it even became a joke. But when I’m hungry on a Sunday and there is nothing for me to eat, I feel entitled to feel like a neglected child.

It’s that simple. I mean, you get to eat things that you enjoy because that’s what everyone’s eating? How fair is that. All I’m asking is to at the very least pretend to remember that I exist. That’s all. At the very least be consistent about that.

It’s hard to not make this whiny. And I know that some people will tell me about just going with the flow and becoming non-vegetarian, here’s what I want to say to you – “shut the fuck up bitchface. I’m vegetarian, I will remain this way. Just fucking deal with it. Am I asking you to be vegetarian? No. Then you back the hell off. Got that?”

I wish food wasn’t this necessary to life. I’d deal with this somehow or the other. However, food is a necessity. We all know that, so any deprivation of any kind is not acceptable.

As for the starving, poor children in the world who don’t even have the opportunity that I do to eat and be alive, I’m sorry for it but this once, I’d like for this to be about me, okay?


  1. Dude! xD Cook for urself know! then u would be self sufficient and non whiny =P

  2. Yeah, I plan to. I mean, I can, but I'm a little wary of harming myself and my mother's utensils. :D

  3. Seriously, it made me go, aaw, poor thing. Hugs. Baby, come off home ra if some Sunday you feel like binging or we do our Ashoka/ Mathsya meals plan!

  4. acho. come home and we'll learn to cook [and eat!] together before I leave. or K and Mathsya sounds good too. I'm very afraid I'll starve in Scotland too :P you'll have to post me avvakkai pickle and the like!

  5. K And Danny - you're like my favourite bhegetarians! :D

    Let's go to Ashoka and eat meals.

    K, I come to your home one sunday fo sho!

    Danny - yeah, cooking sounds fun. When?

  6. Yes yes yes! Unlimited Meals ftw!

  7. I know EXACTLY what you mean. So many times I have had fights with ama about this. Its always like oh why cant u just take the gravy. Well, because I don't. And i still deserve food...

  8. *hugs*

    You're the only person I know who will empathise in the entirety of this conversation. I love you!

  9. Hi Shruthi,
    I dunno who you are, what you do. But by reading this blog, I can see that you are one of the privileged kids in the block.

    It seems that you must have never been to a government office for any paper work. If you have a habit of writing and want to develop your essay writing skills, then please write something about you, your folks, about nature and general topics. Please dont write about things which you have never experienced or never come across.
    Little knowledge is very dangerous. Its always good to know both sides of case before coming to a conclusion.

    In other countries when we require any paper work from the government, there is a website which says whether I am eligible to receive that document, and what will be the requisite supporting documents and the duration taken by the office to get the paper issued, otherwise I can file a case against the office for not giving me the papers. And the judiciary also does not function like in India,
    Do we have this or anything similar to this...?
    Few years before there was a bill passed called "Right to Information Act" which says that the citizen has the right to know the process and what is happening for a particular case. But that Act does not mention anything about what to do if the duration has passed due.

    Small instance:
    when applying for a ration card(this is the card given to every middle class and lower class and BPL citizen, not sure whether you know what it is) I received it after 1.5 years. The first time when I visited the office to apply, the requisite documents were no where mentioned, they just told to submit whatever document we have. After 2 months when I went to the office to know when I will receive the ration card, I was asked me to submit a different set of documents.After 5 months we heard from the neighbours that on a particular day all people who had applied for ration card in that area will be receiving it. But the issuance was put on hold due to elections. The government changed and then the new government took another 6 months to verify the supporting documents and issue it finally after 1.5 years.

    When I turned 18 and I wanted to cast the vote, I couldn't because I dint have a ration card to prove my age and identity. those times when I was able to cast the vote, illegitimate votes would have been cast, but how will I prove it...? to whom will I report it...?

    I had applied for voters ID card when I was 18, now I am 29 and still have not got it. Even if I get it, I wouldn't be allowed to vote since I now look different than how I was looking when I was 18.

    I have a very simple question, when any person gets a job, his performance is monitored on regular basis by people who have selected him. Same should happen with MPs, once they are selected their performance should also be monitored by public. So, public has right to say that MPs are not performing well and voters should also have right to make a complaint against an MP if he/she is not performing well. And by passing the JanLokPal bill we are giving a platform to our voters to exercise this right.

    Citizen of India