Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday questions

  • Is it just me or has the "Blogs of Note" segment in the new blogger interface disappeared completely? Might be me. Just asking to see if anyone knows where I can access that.

  • Also, I think my father just wants to spend his money on some showcase wedding so people will think we are socially appropriate. I mean, not once has he shown me any profile online that is worth any kind of discussion. The last one I saw, I just shuddered. I mean, I think I can do better, but as time passes and my father's "picks" get worse I'm wondering if this is all just a joke to him or if he thinks that these boys are actually worth my time because their parents are hounding my father. It can't be because he's feeling pressurised no? It can't. Can it?

  • There are two short stories that are in draft mode. Two. I haven't been able to finish them and it is seriously bothering me. I don't like it that I haven't been able to. Shit. What's this bleddee nonsense?

  • Do you like runny eggs? I mean, I love eggs, cooked any which way, but it should have at least coagulated you know? Soft boiled eggs that still look transparent bother me a little. Does it bother you?

  • I don't like this point format writing that I've been doing a lot of in my recent posts, but then, so much to talk about, how to make everything an essay and post it at one go?

  • What do you do when you meet someone who arranges currency notes the exact same way that you do? The only other person, apart from myself, who does this is my father. I recently met someone who does the same thing - arrange currency in descending order arranged in a way where Gandhi's face is in the same direction. Sigh. I was so overjoyed, I almost kissed him at the coffee shop we were standing at. Maybe I should marry him and have his babies? At least we'll have the same values to give our children, No? Yes?

  • Have you read this? I think she's an idiot. She's making me and others like me look like a complete mental. The reality of women in the South is completely different from her "empowered" self that it makes me sad to watch how she keeps going on and on and also, it's not a very objective opinion! She then comes up with this to deal with the viral blog post and trending topic on Twitter. I have nothing more to say except, you should have thought it through. For someone who rants as much as I do, I think she kind of overdid it. But hey, mine is a personal opinion, as is hers.

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you woke up late and are lazing! :)


  1. last point is the best...
    have the egg in any form and relaxxxx
    until zzzzz

  2. I hate that runny clear stuff in an egg. Just the thought of it makes me feel like chucking...

  3. Deeps - about the yeggz, i am agree with you! :D
    Dicky - Right? I hate it too. Of course, my mother thinks I'm being a picky eater, somehow, at 27 I wonder how that's even a relevant term! :) But hey, she's my mother, she probably thinks I haven't outgrown my baby phase!

  4. Go to Design. Click on your blog's Overview.
    On the right hand corner we have the Recent Blogs of Note. Ta-da! ;-)

  5. Deeps - Yeah, Monday! :D
    Vrinda - I found it! :D phew! :)

  6. another currency note arranger here.. that is if i am not broke enough to let the denomination go up to a Gandhi.

  7. Bhargavi, so nice to know there's more of me. :D