Sunday, January 29, 2012

Calling women crazy

It's so cliched.

Then of course these men go on to talk to their friends about how women are crazy and then they make memes, "popular" jokes and such. I hate it.

It's about time people, women included, realised that calling women crazy is old, lame, and more importantly uneducated.

It is also time for men to get over the cliches and spend some time understanding the women they are with, rather than referring to old joke books and manuals and feeling joyful in having figured out what women want.

Truth is people are different and everyone wants to be an individual. In the pursuit of individuality, we often forget that we turn into mass-manufactured drones.

Calling women crazy is just one example.


  1. thing is women need to give it back n give it royally perhaps :) Its coz guys think they can get away with it, they keep doing it !!

  2. Have you read this:“crazy”/ ?

    I thought of the article as soon as I saw the title. Same-same non?

  3. Nrithya - I read it. It is amazing and yes, was definitely an inspiration for this small-ish rant! :)

    Kenny - yeah, of course we need to. but when we do, we're called crazy, again. Not that I care.

    Shalet - :)

  4. Came here via Raagzone. I don't understand why it has to be such a big deal, like you know - say, in the first place, it did get popular for a reason. No? A light hearted take at the fairer sex surely shouldn't hurt ??
    I am sure men wouldn't mind being the targets of digs - our inability to talk more , listen and various other random arbit stuff. Why should memes and other popular such digs mean anything at all rather than a occasional chuckle? why even bother ?

  5. Well, let's just say its strange that it has to be popular. There has to be other things to do with our time than just generalise no?

  6. hmmmm.. say the joke would cease to be a joke if it had had prefixes like 'a section of' or 'some women' :P . People have to pick on some or the other thing to pass away time right ? Maybe a generalization but all such ones which have become popular have an iota of truth to it , no ? Ah, anyways I think I have typed long enough :D Naice blog esp the line 'BS is a way of life here' :D :D