Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't kill MP's cows!

Happy, happy 2012 world!

Let's not focus on the now-extinct Mayans and their predictions and enjoy the year as much as we can? Good idea? Okay.

I'm going to bulletize first -
> Please read this - A superb article on my favorite social crusader from India, the venerable Mr.Anna Hazare. Just because something is a good cause, that does not mean it has no vested interests or hidden agendas. It's important that people realize this. More importantly, when someone has been set up on a pedestal, chances are they will fall, at least once. Again, I'm anti-corruption and anti-Hazare. Yes, they can co-exist, and they do. To dismiss democracy just because a goal has not been achieved is wrong, especially considering the fact that democracy hasn't been given a chance to live up to its potential.

> Reading that article brought me to this - another superbly written piece about caste in politics. I do believe that the issue of caste has been blown out of proportion and the media has not given the country an objective report of things. This report makes me want to ask Anna Hazare one question - if you believe in hierarchy so much, why are you challenging it? The Prime Minister is the boss of all bosses in this country, he has a job to do, let him do it. Why are you, who is not the Prime Minister, not doing your job?

I will not dwell on Anna Hazare any longer. Dwelling on Mr.Hazare has not been productive for this blog in the past. I will redirect your attention to Madhya Pradesh where they've banned cow slaughter.

I have no issues with cow slaughter. Yeah, I said it. If someone is making a living out of killing cows, let them. I wear leather and use leather, so I cannot have a righteous opinion on slaughter and so on. The law being passed means a certain kind of meat is no longer available for public consumption in Madhya Pradesh. Also, they are behaving as if cows are endangered species. Honestly, in India, as evidence from the photostreams of most tourists would prove, cows are not endangered species. The reason for this ban has some basis in religion, and that is problematic for me.

I'm Hindu, yes. I'm also vegetarian (quite by accident, not by design). However, that doesn't mean I'm some poster girl for religious virtue. I don't believe that a state has the power to decide what foods can be eaten by people. That's beyond ridiculous. It's about time India's virtuous Hindus realised that beef-eating is a reality. If they don't kill cows in Madhya Pradesh, how the hell is the thriving leather industry in Madhya Pradesh going to survive? For the most part, the leather industry needs cows to sustain itself. At least that's what I think. So, no more cow-killing means what for the leather industry?

What about dairy products? The mass manufacture of dairy products is not some kind of pleasant process where it's all sunshine and rainbows. Except for the co-operatives, the dairy industry does not employ sustainable practices, what of "intent to slaughter" then?

I do think that some laws need to be in place so that animals get treated better, however, this particular one reeks of too much control.

It is also highly likely that I don't get the complicated legalese and fine print. I will update this post soon as I do figure it out.



  1. "The problem with people who
    have no vices is that generally you
    can be pretty sure they're going to
    have some pretty annoying
    virtues." - Elizabeth Taylor

  2. Great post Shruthi - you write beautifully, concisely and make much more sense than Mr Hazare could ever wish to. I look forward to your future posts. Happy New Year