Monday, January 9, 2012

Things I've done

What a nonsense, last week was!

Hurt my leg, was basically immobile because my back was also giving me trouble. Pain medication, cold compresses and the like dominated my weekly acitivities. Aside from the occasional nod to Facebook and Twitter. Sigh.

I have also, in a turn of events entirely technological, activated the mobile template of my blog. If you have a smartphone and you choose to access my blog via that, you can now able to read without too many issues. Unless, of course, the template I've chosen is shitty. If it is, please, please tell me; I'll change it.

Have you checked out my site recently? Lots of fun things. Well, I think so! Also, one of the articles I wrote for the site was published here. All those in favour of cross-country sisterly bonding, do a Vodka shot please? Thanks.

It's Pongal this week! It means an annual much-looked-forward to brunch at home. Sigh. Smells of ghee and joy are already here. Following Pongal, the calendar barely registers an holiday until April 14. And 2012 is one of those years where all the holidays are either on Saturday or Sunday. Nonsense! I don't like years like this. They are pointless to me!

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