Monday, February 6, 2012

Being ill

Let me start by saying this - I'm grateful for what semblance of good health I have. I am. I'm grateful that I'm not battling a life threatening disorder or disease.

That being said, I have, since January 29 been very ill. It started with a routine throat pain and difficulty to swallow, and very soon ventured into full-blown cold / viral fever territory. The thing is, I can deal with all that. A cold and me are good friends. Have been since I was a little girl. I thought we had grown apart when I was in my late teens and early twenties, however, it turns out that it was a trial separation.

I had such a bad cold that there was water dripping out of my nose. I couldn't keep my face level, the way most people do because my nose would drip. Yes, drip. That's the right word. Drip. Say it once with me. Drip. Imagine a dripping tap. Drip. Drip. Drip!

Of course, I had gone to see a doctor. I don't need to be insured to go see a doctor. I can go see a doctor whenever I want. So, when I first felt ill, I got one round of medicines. Two sleepless days later, I couldn't breathe properly. I was up all night sneezing. I barely slept. My mother was convinced I'd end up asthmatic or something. So, on my second visit, the good doctor gave me more medicine. Yay!

I've got so many medicines to eat until tomorrow. I get the feeling I might experience some form of withdrawal!

In other news, my wallet got stolen in a theatre [this happened back in December]. I've lost all my photo ID cards. I need to re-apply for all of them. FUCKITALLTOHELLANDBACK!

I need to be gainfully employed. I hope that my decision to freelance will earn me some money, if it doesn't, I'm working full-time. For sure!


  1. losing wallet in the theatre - holy crap !! that sucks !! What I hate about such serious fevers is the distaste you have in your mouth thanks to all that crappy medicines .. nothing edible has a taste and that makes recovery sick as well !!

  2. I know man. So annoying. But yeah, I'm getting my tastebuds back, a little bit!

  3. Hope u get well soon. And it must be really a pain in the ass to re apply for all those IDs. Each of them will want some ID of urs.