Friday, March 30, 2012

Curd rice philosophy

In South India, there is a phenomenon called curd rice. It is, in this part of the world, the ultimate comfort food. It is also a typical summer food. The perfect end to an elaborate elai saapadu [banana leaf meal, is the best translation I can think of!]

I could go on and on about curd rice, but it would just cement my place in my friends’ opinions as my being too tam brahm. Not that I care. Because anyone who has issues with curd rice, barring the lactose intolerant, are just plain strange to be honest.

How can people who have issues with curd rice be strange? Aren’t you being too judgmental? Well, here’s a fun fact – people who don’t like curd rice ARE strange and I AM being too judgmental.

Have you ever eaten curd rice? The many variations of curd rice? Warm, cold, with chilies and ginger; with grapes, chillies, onions and ginger; tempered with mustard seeds and dried red chilies. If you have, then you should know that it is the most awesome thing that someone decided to come up with and popularize!

See, this is what happens. You take a little rice, preferably overcooked so you can make it all mushy. You make a tiny well in that baby mound of rice, you pour some runny curd into it and mix it all up. After that’s done, you glop some mango pickle on. The spicy, amazing, South Indian kind. And then you eat it. You brain will explode in amazement and your soul will finally achieve what it has been seeking for all this time – a measure of contentment. Because, that is the amazing nature of curd rice, it is a spiritual kind of food. I will not draw comparisons or even equate it to meat of any kind. Curd rice is a category unto itself. That’s what I love about it.

You can eat it after shoving vast quantities of meat down your gullet, and know that your stomach is thanking you for it.

It’s summer in Madras, and curd rice is going to be my staple for the next four months. I cannot imagine the joys that await me. Such pure, undiluted joy.

Don’t you love food and the simple ways in which it makes life better?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things I'm thinking

I think human beings are hilarious creatures. We're so full of ourselves sometimes. I really don't understand that.

Okay, I do. I do because I own a blog where I spend a lot of time ranting about things that bother me, all the while, I occupy the moral high ground assuming that my point of view is correct and that everyone else is wrong. That's scary. It's also full of shit.

That being said, I cannot imagine my not having an honest opinion about everything. Can you imagine being that way? I'm not a saint, nor am I wise. I don't see how I can offer up anything that is beyond my own scale of comprehension.

This is precisely the reason why some people upset me on a regular basis. These some people are those who think the moral high ground, and a self-appointed self-righteousness is their birthright. Why? Because they're rich / older / have read more or some other profound reason that provides them an empirical basis on which to establish their superiority. And you know what gets me? They hate being told that someone doesn't like them. Do you know how annoyed they get? It rankles them on a very fundamental level.

I like being the cause of that. And in an instance of what is masochism, I also like being rankled on a very fundamental level.

Let me explain why.

When some core beliefs of yours are questioned and faced with events or facts that prove them wrong or misguided, it's important to take a look at what you believe in. Here's why, change is a good thing. It's good for your health, it's good for your mind, and it's good for the country! [Kidding about that last one, but you never know!]

I enjoy introspection. I like having the time to examine the way I process thoughts and analysing how that process has changed over the years. There was a time when I too moralistic, and too rigid, in how I thought about things and how I approached life itself. I've realised over the years, and after spending time with some epic items, that being that way is only going to cause an explosion in my brain! And I, for one, really like my brain. I can't have it exploding or even going more loopy than it already is.

Introspection has led me to a small-ish epiphany - to be more honest. I'm the least confrontational person I know. I have always hidden from fights and I always end up being the person who ends up crying at the end of a fight because the other person is yelling at me. It's awful.

I know that I have offended a lot of people in the recent past with my more confrontational approach to conversations, but I have just one thought for what they think - fuck it! Really. I don't see why I should end up looking like the guilty party at every confrontation. There are a lot of instances when I'm right and there is no need for that fact to go unnoticed because I don't like confrontation. Of course, I'm not picking a fight with every person that walks down the bloody road. I just choose to tell people who are finding fault with me that they also need to look at what they're doing. If it makes them unhappy, well, just too bad.

Yes, of course, I do say and do stupid shit all the damn time. That doesn't mean I'm the only one doing and saying stupid shit.

I would like to dedicate the rest of 2012 to introspection. My initial goal was punctuality, but I've given up. I think introspection is a good idea this year, for me. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick again

Of course I'm sick again.

The back of my throat is itchy. My nose is stuffed. I'm coughing, A LOT.

Who do I have to thank for this? My parents. Passing around infectious colds. Ugh.

My ENT apparatus suffers too much. Poor thing. It also makes me angry that I keep hanging on to tissues and cold medication like some kind of lifeline.

A friend once told me that being sick was a sign that the body was fit and fighting off an infection. If I see him now, I might slug him with a jute sack filled with rice. Fighting off an infection! Nonsense.

I'm too whiny to be a social commentator at this point.


You know, when I feel up to it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Since the last time I posted

I haven’t been here in a while. It’s sad no? This space is named “The Shh Diaries” and Shh has not been diary-ing things.

I’m not ill any more. Although a Bombay trip later, I felt like someone dragged my ENT apparatus through mud. Took me a while to get over that. Then there was an enhausting trip to Trivandrum, third in three years, for the Attukal Pongala.

Back from that and it was engagements galore. Once again, everyone I know is gewtting married. I’m happy for them, for as long as they don’t get in my face about when I’m tying the knot. Usually, I smile a lot, but this kind of shit aggravates me and I just get upset and turn into this angry, vitriolic version of myself. I don’t like being in that space.

As for the rest, I’m broke. I need a job and I need to get on with my life. A few things here and there need to be sorted out and are in the process of being sorted out. I hope so.


I haven’t been to my writing group in forever and a half. I need to get out of home. However, I don’t have enough to transport myself to where I need to go. Yes, I’m that broke. See I checked my bank balance and it says – 0.00.

Now, I can ask my parents for money, but they’re feeling me and providing me a rent-free roof over my head, I cannot ask for more can I? Well, in case of an absolute emergency, I can and did.

On that confessional note, I’m signing off. There’s a lot on TV and in the newspapers that I have to rant about. I will, soon. Until then, I hope all of you are happy and well!