Friday, April 6, 2012


Just another one of my lists

-    Boys’ jeans are breeding grounds of yet-to-be-discovered toxic chemicals. They are an ecosystem unto themselves. My brother’s jeans are one such example. According to him, the thought of washing jeans is rubbish. I don’t get it. Are all men like this about their jeans? Why is washing jeans such a strange concept to them?
-    24-hour news channels have the world’s worst spell checks. Every ten minutes, if you are patient enough, you will spot one really “DUH!” spelling mistake. These errors will make most people cringe. Including the ones who think “okay” is spelt “k”.
-    Weekend non-stop viewing of Asianet and Surya TV is a living-outside-Kerala Mallu thing. All my mallu friends report instances of such behavior on behalf of their parents.
-    Come Dine With Me on BBC Entertainment is by far the most hilarious programme on TV.
-    I’ve discovered that I don’t mind being unemployed and shit broke. I’m not doing anything productive with my time. AT ALL. It’s scary and fun at the same time.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. To say. I have more time to blog now. And I will be posting more regularly.

Also, Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it. I wish someone’d buy me an Easter Egg. I want!


  1. - Jeans: Hmmm, I wash them if it gets dirty, else use it sparingly for a long period (cant stand a bad smell but a rugged looking jeans is fine by me)
    - 24 hour news channels: you really are jobless Shrutz :P, damn right about glaring blunders
    - Asianet and Surya: tell me about it, the cable guys cut Asianet and gave me shit IPL, life on weekends suck big time now :(
    - I need to get CABLE big time !!!
    - Unemployed: been there done that, dont want to do that when your family depends on you :)

  2. Dei Kenny, you don't read news tickr a? Bleddee!

    And you're missing Suresh GOpi as host of Ningalkkum Agam Kodeeswaran on Asianet. He's so amazing means!

    No longer unempployed though :D

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