Friday, May 11, 2012

In the meantime

[That project I was telling you about, is slowly materializing. I need a week more before I can discuss it. In the meantime, do be kind about the random posts.]

I need answers to some questions –

Why do some men send out pity to women who don’t like sport? It’s so strange. I’m playing to one stereotype and you are refusing to let me have it because you think that liking sport is cool? Why? Because it’s a guy thing and all guy things are, by default, cool? That’s strange, no? you don’t think so? Could you then, potentially and possibly immediately, whack your head on a brick wall until your skull opens up and your brain leaks out? Could you? Because your assumptions are making you look like an idiot.

Once you have answered that, you can read on for more…

I’m becoming increasingly hostile to people. I get the feeling that I will alienate everyone and die alone. I mean, I honestly don’t know why. There was a point when I had everyone at a monitorable distance – also known as a Facebook friend list. These days that list is dwindling. I don’t want to keep people at a monitorable distance. I want them out of my line of vision. Here’s why –

They suck at being in touch. I’m sorry but after I say ‘hi” too many times and ask you questions about your well-being, if you cease to initiate conversation with me, you know as a sign of reciprocity, I refuse to keep you in my friends list. After seeing my conversation on someone else’s wall if it occurs to you to suddenly want to speak with me again, then please take your conversation to the people who want to talk to you, because I don’t.

Also, Facebook is not only about ‘friending’ someone and then not doing a blessed thing about the relationship. A comment here, a like there, is not going to physically damage your ‘self’. I don’t see why online exchange can’t be straightforward. Selective over communication with others while you’re on my news feed is not exactly working out for you. Anyway, we’ve established ourselves as narcissistic by being on virtually every communicative platform there is, damage to these fragile online egos will not be taken too kindly. The story is the same for you, so why this sudden “I’m offended” feeling?

I will not give people the opportunity to troll me slyly. I mean, I don’t get it. My life is a pretty open book. Even the people I don’t confide in know what’s going on via my blog, or my Facebook and Twitter feeds, so the whole ‘she’s being secretive’ shit doesn’t even count man. What is that? Who is being secretive? You are shitface! You with your nil uploads and nil content and nil interaction. In real time, do you think friends secret troll each other? I mean, how stupid are you if you think I don’t see through that tripe.

I’m done. I’m finding that nearing my 30s is removing all shreds of patience from my personality. I don’t care any longer. I really and honestly don’t.


  1. a very honest rant indeed :) My decrease of activity in FB can be owed to Twitter though :P hehe, anyways Shrutz, unfortunately, there are a few women who make very bad cases of following sport. I know its a minuscule minority but all she follows maybe cricket and that too just for one or two women. I knew a few female football fans who followed the game just because there is one cute guy in it. Then there are the hardcore, passionate ones - those women are hard to come across in India .. and for the love of sport, dont wanna come across anymore cricket lovers, unless they support any other team than India ..

  2. Kenny - well put.

    I can't tolerate Cricket. Absolutely cannot.

    And no, I'm not a hardcore sports fan either. Just like watching Football. GERMANY! :D

    And hey, is sports fellows are nice looking, no harm in pretending to enjoy the sport okay? What's there?

  3. hehehe .. knew the point on good looks would come up :) guess we watch women's soccer not just for their skills :P (love the way Brandi Chastain [Team USA] celebrated her penalty against China in a WC penalty shootout) .. anyways seeing a female German fan, I have reason to hope for, am happy you did not say Spain who are talented but more a bunch of actors than anything .. Germany most likely to win Euro 2012 but me supporting ENGLAND .. ENGLAND TILL I DIE !! :D

  4. Kenny, no arguments about how is going to win, etc. This is Football, anything can happen here. My mother is Italy supporter. My brother is a Brazil fellow and since Brazil is in the wrong continent, he's watching for all his League favourites... like that.

    Let's see how Euro goes. I'm hoping schweinstager and crew won't kill my hopes!

  5. Spoken like a true fan .. excellente !!